What tools should a truck driver today carry with him or her? Most of this depends on what type of trucking you do. As you know if you are running a flatbed, a lot of heavy truck tools are needed for just about everything. Probably the next would be a tanker or refrigerated unit as there are a lot more things to break down, as opposed to a regular dry van.

Of course, this also depends on, if you are an owner/operator or company driver. Most large companies don’t want their drivers to work on anything. They prefer you wait for a repair truck. As an O/O you might want to carry a lot of tools to fix anything you could fix, to not pay a high road service call.

Here is a list of professional trucker tools and heavy truck tools that all O/O’s should carry with them, a company driver as well, as long as your company allows it. If you are operating in the northern part of the U.S or Canada in the winter time, it is a good idea to keep from breaking down as much as possible. It can get pretty cold up there, and you need to stay warm. Also, the longer a truck sits when the temperature is around zero, the bigger the chance your fuel will gel, or airlines can freeze up.

There are some things you can fix and some things you have no business repairing. If you don’t know how to fix it, call road service. If it is a simple fix and you feel comfortable doing it, then, by all means, fix it, because you know it will be two or three hours waiting for a road service truck.

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Trucker’s Friend All Purpose Survival Tool-Made in the USA trucker's friend tool

Price: $52.75 & FREE Shipping

Trucker’s Friend Tool from Innovation Factory is a multi-purpose device, manufactured tough and particularly manufactured to satisfy the needs of expert truck drivers. In any circumstance that calls for hacking, prying, extracting or pounding, you will experience authentic peace of mind with this really serious tool on board. It includes a curved ax, spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, crowbar as well as a lever.

This professional-grade device is really the trucker’s perfect friend. Whether the removal of objects stuck in tires, repairing (or breaking down) pallets or cutting away ice and junk, you’ll feel real comfortable with this really significant device in the cab next to you.

No matter if you are busting your way out of a burning car or truck, prying up debris to free a stuck victim, or for intense self-defense; in any scenario that calls for hacking, prying, pulling or hammering, the Trucker’s Friend can be a real lifesaver. Used by Search-and-Rescue specialists.

The Trucker’s Friend takes the place of numerous tools to make your hiking, hunting, camping or other off-road experiences secure and exciting. Whether cutting kindling, hammering tent stakes or even for security from untamed animals, you’ll be delighted with this powerful companion on your upcoming trip ‘out there’.

The Trucker’s Friend is an essential addition to all toolkits – either for professionals or Do It Your Selfers. Regardless of on the job location, in your home handy room, around the workplace on in the trunk of your vehicle, you’ll be thankful for the company of this exclusive and flexible multi-tool.

Why carry a hammer, ax, pry bar, nail puller to the work site when you have the Trucker’s Friend around. Produced in the USA of tempered carbon steel and a Nupla fiberglass handle, the tool is made to last a lifetime.

  • Useful all-purpose hand tool created for professional truck drivers
  • Slice branches, pry free nails, chip out jam-packed ice, and a lot more
  • Features curved ax, spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar and handle
  • Impact-absorbing power grip and fiberglass handle


truckers friend tool


Off Grid-Tools OGT-SA100 Survival Axe Elite Multitool-Made In the off grid toolUSA

Price: $59.99 & FREE Shipping

Your only tool you’ll require to survive

Using 30 characteristics, the tool is created to tackle any type of circumstance you may encounter. No matter if you are searching to establish a camp for the night, break free from a burning car or truck, or overcome a zombie apocalypse, the Off Grid-Tools Survival Axe Elite is the ideal tool for the task.

Patent Pending fold up 6″ Saw Blade

The sturdy glass-filled nylon handle consists of a 6″ saw blade which is fashioned to slice through just about everything. Your effortless grip knob effortlessly flips the blade away and locks it into position. Just push the knob and twist to flip the blade in and out

  • Heat processed, re-sharpenable Hatchet blade
  • Hammerhead and claw
  • Hex sockets 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 1/2, 3/8, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm, 15mm
  • Exchangeable, 6″ saw blade
  • Hardened steel glass buster and seat belt cutter

Innovation Factory IF 232 HRT Professional Fire & Rescue Tool

fire and rescue

Price: $65.93 & FREE Shipping.

It is a very good tool to always keep in your car or truck. This one is extremely versatile tool & everybody ought to have one. The HRT (Handy Rescue Tool) coming from Innovation Factory is a dependable and adaptable yet easy to carry tool, meant to bridge that gap regarding small pocket-sized devices and big heavy one’s utilized in today’s fire service. Backed up by a Lifetime guaranty, this made-in-the-USA item meets all 4 classifications of a fire department forcible entry tool. The HRT contains an ax (fully resharpenable), hammer, nail puller, hose spanner, pry bar, gas cut-off wrench, grapple hook, shock absorbing power grip, forged alloy steel blade, shank and a rust-resistant matte surface.

Satisfies all four groups for a fire division forcible entry tool

Dependable, flexible, and low-cost

Life replacement warranty

Manufactured in the USA for police, firefighters, and rescue professionals

Not only would this tool be great for self-protection, but the hammer, nail puller, and pry bar would be ideal for flatbed operators. The forcible entry aspect would be great if, God forbid, you were involved in a serious accident and needed to get out of your tractor or help free someone from a burning car.

Off Grid-Tools Hammer Axe Multitool, Blackoff grid hammer

Price $34.99 & FREE Shipping

This particular tool is a very handy all-purpose tool created for camping, demolition, and daily use. Is perfect for prying, hammering, and a great nail puller. The shock absorbing power grip and lightweight fiberglass handle make this tool easy and comfortable to use.

Whenever you want to cut, clear, beat, pry or DEMO something special, the Hammer ax is the best remedy for you. With 8 tools constructed into one, it provides you with the flexibility that a very limited number of tools could. At only 19.5 inches in length, your Hammer ax offers you with adequate leverage for significant energy, however, it is lightweight enough to be effortlessly handled. The ergonomically ribbed rubber will fit conveniently in your hand while supplying the balance required through really serious jobs. The Black oxide covered ax head is heat treated and very durable.

This tool is very much the equivalent of the Trucker’s Friend, the only variations are this tool is 420 Stainless Steel and the Trucker’s Friend is 1055 Carbon Steel. This one is made overseas, whereas the Trucker’s Friend is made in the U.S.A.

This would be another great tool for protection and would be great for truckers. To use in special situations, such as breaking down crates or pulling up wood that may have been used to secure loads.

RoverTac Multitools Plier, 12-in-1 Multi-Function Folding plier, Pocket size, Portable, Survival Tool with Plier

Price $22.95

This is a really fantastic tool to use for just about anything that comes up. Lightweight and comes with a snap case. Features a lock so you have the ability to lock the tool you are using out. This has everything you would need for small repairs. Something every truck driver should carry with them.

Complete Stainless steel manufactured in oxidated black. Lightweight and sturdy, a lifetime warrantymulti tool

Locking Mechanism design guaranty a safe user experience. Each component will be locked when it is fully opened for usage

Arrives with a sturdy nylon pouch, simple to put on a belt loop. Simple to carry and use

An ideal and convenient tool for household, Survival, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking and many other outdoor activities.

13 Tools Included:
Needle Nose Plier
Regular Plier
Wire Cutter                                                                                                                                                                                                      Saw
Small Flat Screwdriver
Medium Flat Screwdriver
Large Flat Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Knife Blade
Can Opener
Bottle Opener
Small Knife

Off Grid-Tools OGT-TFBLS Trucker’s Friend Leather Sheath, Black heavy truck tool

Price $24.99

This is a must-have for your Trucker’s Friend All Purpose Survival Tool. This is a leather protective sheath of extreme quality long-lasting construction that is built to endure. Heavy, supple leather, great looks, durable snap, and completely suited to do its job.

The belt loop enables you to easily hang your Trucker’s Friend on your belt for easy access. The riveted construction will hold up throughout all of your survival conditions.

This is a very nice item. Kind of a requirement if you have the Trucker’s Friend All Purpose Survival Tool. Heavy-duty, very well-made item. Works with the Trucker’s Friend ax blade extremely well, and helps to keep it, and you, protected.

off grid tools


mB7jkCargo Tie-downs Strap Winder

Price $16.99

This is a great price on a must-have product for all flatbed drivers. Keeping straps and other tie downs organized is important strap winderin keeping your business operating smoothly.

This particular strap winder is ideal for all flatbed drivers. The strap winder makes it much easier to conveniently roll up those straps, especially in the winter or when your straps get wet. The quality is great and you can set it up for a right-handed or left-handed person, just by the way you assemble it.

  1. is simple to use – just stick to the directions
  2. holds straps neat so you don’t have difficulty finding the end fittings
  3. helps keep your trailer orderly
  4. has a weight of only 3 pounds
  5. is manufactured of super strength heavy-duty steel
  6. is complete with a dense coat of black powder paint
  7. can easily wind up winch straps up to 4″ wide

No one benefits from having to remove a tie-down strap out of a pile anytime you are in a rush to secure a pallet, or depending on the truck strap just to realize that it is gone or damaged simply because it was in no way stored in an organized fashion!

Shippers Supplies 4” x 30’ Winch Strap with Flat Hook — 10 PACK

Price: $129.95 ($13.00 per item)

tie down straps

Heavy Duty Winch Straps using a Flat Hook for one’s flatbed trailer. All these load straps are the finest quality and a fantastic price. Box of 10 is perfect to replace some of your straps that are old and frayed and have a few left over to replace others as they wear. These straps are made with heavy webbing with edge protective covering and steel hooks. All straps are labeled with their Working Load Limit (WLL) and declaration of confirmation with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).

Winch Strap (Kinedyne Brand) – 4″ Webbing with Flat Hook – 30 ft

VERY GOOD for use together with a Flatbed Trailer

5,400 lbs Working Load Limitation

STURDY Steel Flat Hooks

BOX OF 10 – Excellent Value

MEETS DOT REGULATION so you can keep on rolling

A driver can’t go wrong here with this price for 10 straps. Enough straps so you won’t have to worry about replacement for quite some time.

Keeper 04630 2″ x 30′ Ratcheting Tie-Down

Price reduced $24.05

These straps are great for use when you want to tie down something quick. Somewhat on the bulky side, not for use all the time ratchet tie downor for larger loads, but great if you have a small piece of machinery, one or two bundles of lumber and don’t need your larger straps. These ratchet straps are quick and easy to use, also good for securing a piece of equipment that may be on the fragile side.

10,000 lbs polyester webbing

2″ Ratchet tie down, 30′ using J hooks

Treated polyester webbing-yellow

A necessity for every flatbed commercial trucker

30′ Long

All flatbed drivers need two to four of these straps in their toolbox, as you never know when you may need one. These are also great in the circumstance if you run out of the 4-inch straps or break one and need a replacement.

Standard Ergo 360 Winch Bar

Price: $49.99 & FREE shipping winch bar

This new Winch Bar from Ancra, a company that makes all different types of Winch Bars, is maybe one of their best to date. There are a lot of bars out there, but if you are looking for one that is easy on your back and allows for maximum leverage, with less effort, than this is the one.

This particular new Ergo 360 Winch Bar produces a new dimension anytime tightening winch straps. The brand new patent pending design has a distinctive bend in the bar that permits the bar handle and tip to be parallel to one another. The Ergo Bar can rotate 360 degrees allowing users to leverage pressure without awkward angles and body position. This winch bar is heat treated for extra strength, is cycle tested, and highlights a standard mushroom tip to fit into any standard winch.

  1. Ergonomic Handle
  2. Mushroom Tip Reduces Slippage
  3. Swivels 360 Degrees
  4. Heat Treated for durability
  5. Coated Finish

This specific bar is advisable for all flatbed operators, take it easy on the ole muscles now, maybe they will last longer!

RoadPro RP5PIN Brushed Aluminum Assorted Color 5th Wheel Pin Puller 5th wheel pullers

Price $19.47

What is there to say about a fifth wheel puller, just that you should have one, especially if you pull doubles or do a lot of drop and hook. Some drivers think it is quicker to just jump out and pull the 5th wheel pin, rather than hunt for their 5th wheel puller, I know I felt that way myself until I used another drivers’ once. It turns out that it is a lot cleaner and easier to not have to reach under your trailer to pull that pin. It is also a lot better to use one if it is raining or ice dripping off your trailer. Stop having difficulties when you need to pull out the pin. These brushed aluminum 5th wheel pin pullers make it quick and effortless. These are also great for anyone that need to pull racks, carts, or trays off their trailers.

There are others that you can order for more money, and the higher priced ones are more sturdy. Please note that there are three pictured in this ad, but you are ordering only one at the price.

The different colors make them easier to find if you are in the dark or looking through you side box trying to find one. These are very well-made products and will make things easier for you on the road!

Truckers Air Seat Blow Gun Kit

Price $50.00 air seat blower

Yes, I know you are saying this is too expensive, but this is a new, better constructed Air Seat Blow Gun from Carrand. We all know how convenient these are for blowing all that dust and other debris out of your truck. The burst pressure of 120 PSI will blow dust and particles out of any crevice or corner you may have. The 1/4″ line tee makes it easy to add a connection so you can hook up to run other small air tools. This is a great addition to your tractor, makes things a lot easier as far as keeping the inside clean and more livable.

Nylon 12 ft hose, coiled, burst pressure up to 120 PSI

Zinc alloy blow gun consists of 2 replacement nozzle/heads with brass fittings

1/4″ NTA air line tee

Satisfies DOT Requirements

SAE approved

Stanley FatMax Xtreme 55-120 FuBar

Price $70.76 & FREE Shipping

This Stanley FatMax Xtreme is one of many great pry bars, nail pullers and demolition tools that Stanley makes. This tool would be very good for glass haulers, drivers that haul nursery products, or anyone else that hauls crates or products that are nailed to the floor of your trailers. Excellent for prying, splitting boards or heavy striking jobs. Not only great tools for carpenters, but has many truck driver uses. fat max

Forged steel, very thick solid build. Rubber grips for comfort over the metal.

From Stanley’s Website;

Utility bar for heavy demolition work

4-in-1 tool for prying, splitting, board bending and striking jobs

One-piece forged steel bar for durability

Board-grabbing jaw sized for 2X lumber

Beveled nail slot for pulling and prying nails

Textured grip for excellent comfort and control

Heat-treated and tempered striking face helps prevent chipping

High-visibility powder-coated finish

Weight: 9 lbs. / 4 kgBlade Width: 2″ / 51mm

Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set

Price $100.42 & FREE Shipping                                       crescent tools

Have you ever not needed a great toolset? This 170 piece tool set has just about everything one would need. Crescent tools have become a leader in the improvement of hand tools for all users. This is great for use at home, in your car or with you on your truck for minor repairs while you are on the road. A wide selection of the most common SAE and metric sizes. Starting with the perfect chrome surface of its wrenches, ratchets, and sockets to the completely well-balanced and fashioned dual-material handles of its screwdrivers, this Crescent 170-piece mechanics tool set (model CTK170CMP) provides a high level of excellence. Would recommend everyone buy a set for each of their vehicles.

Crescent’s 170-Piece Mechanics tool set contains a meticulously picked collection of Crescent manufactured hand tools necessary for most industrial, mechanical, and consumer solutions. This set includes 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch quick release ratcheting drives with a large selection of standard and deep sockets and nearly all common SAE and metric sizes. Included in the set are the following 3/8-inch drive tools: a 72-tooth quick-release ratchet drive, 2 extensions, a 3/8-inch to 1/4-inch adapter, 2 spark plug sockets, 25 twelve point sockets and 10 six point deep sockets (SAE and metric). It also includes the following 1/4-inch drive tools: a 72-tooth quick-release ratchet drive, a 3-inch extension, 22 six-point sockets (SAE and metric). Additionally, there are 12 SAE and metric combination wrenches, 2 pliers, 8-inch changeable wrench, 4 screwdrivers, a magnetic bit driver along with 44 driver bits, and 26 SAE and metric hex keys. Most tools in our industrial quality tool set meet rigorous new ANSI and ASME specifications and are offered with a full satisfaction guarantee.

WORKPRO 145-piece Mechanics Tool Kit Black

Price $79.99 & FREE Shipping

This is a heavy duty Mechanics Tool Kit from WORKPRO! Built tough with 145 pieces of every tool you will need. Contains work pro40 commonly used sockets, 2 ratchets, 2 extensions,2 universal joints, 10 combination wrenches, additionally 16 hex keys, S2 steel screwdriver bits, and bit sockets.

Prevalent sockets constructed of chrome vanadium steel for resilience and durability, with an industrial matte finish which enables you to effortlessly recognize your Universal tools in your toolbox.

Convenient-to-read, laser-etched size call-outs to conveniently identify metric and SAE socket sizes, which are perfectly organized in a blow-molded case for effortless storage and transporting. All with a Lifetime Warranty.

Another very useful and very well built toolset. Incorporate this with your Crescent Mechanics Tool Set and you will have all the tools you will ever need for life!

In Summary

We wanted to pick a selection of tools for all types of trucking. Amazon has a lot of great trucker products, these are just a drop in a large bucket! I choose Amazon because most of the time you get the best products for the best price, as compared to other places. Don’t forget all the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member. Many discounts on Music, Books, Amazon Fresh, and more than I could list here. Don’t forget free two-day shipping, with your membership also. Just click below and read about all the great deals.

Hope you enjoyed this review and I hope to hear from you!

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