Thought we could put together a short post about Affiliate Marketing for truckers, a quick 4 Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing or the four steps for sunset on the big rigsuccess. Many drivers are thinking about their future, worried about the industry and all the technology that is coming along. I know after being on the road with you all for some time that the majority do not have enough saved up for a worry-free retirement. Self-driving trucks are coming about and many of the people in the know, think this will take care of the driver shortage. My thinking on this is it will not happen overnight and truck drivers will be needed for some time.

If you are getting near retirement or would like to find another way to make some extra money, Affiliate Marketing is the industry of the future. E-commerce is expected to increase by at least 30% over the next few years, and this will leave a massive opportunity for Affiliate Marketers. Many drivers think this is too complicated, but I invite you to read my 4 Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate makes it simple, easy to understand and this is a step by step guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Just wanted to give you some background, I dropped out of high school in 1970, joined the Army for four years, then went to work in the oil fields, for twelve years, and then twenty-seven years driving a truck in the 48 states all Providences of Canada. If someone with that kind of background can become successful doing this, you can too!

1. Join Wealthy Affiliate

I am not one to beat around the bush, so to speak, I am going to give you the facts right up front. I do not like to read a two thousand word article about this and that. Then get to the end, you find out this is not what you want to do. Nor does a person like to get to the end and find out this is something that they cannot afford.

Wealthy Affiliate is an organization of over 100,000 people worldwide, helping each other create websites, find a niche that you like, and become Affiliate Marketers. Wealthy Affiliate is the complete guide to Affiliate Marketing. Right away people ask, “how much does it cost” or “how much can I make?”

I am going to tell you up front that it does not cost anything for the first seven days. No credit card needed to sign up. Seven days gives a person plenty of time to decide if this is something for you and if not, you do not join up. If you sign up within the first seven days, your first month is $19.00, and after that, it is $49.00 per month.

We will also tell you that a person does not get-rich-quick, but after some time you will start to see some income, and it will increase with time as a person learns more about the system. Wealthy Affiliate is like any business, and it is all up to you! We have people making several thousand per month, working full time and others working part-time, and they do earn a good part-time income.

Now that you have seen how much it is, you may want to leave my site now. But, I ask, since I have been up front and told you the cost right away to read Kyle’s blog here, if you don’t mind, about the actual cost of this program. After you have read this blog Me, Blowing Through 98 Cents, come back here a finish my review, if you would like more information.

2. Find Your Niche                           find a niche

The number two thing in our 4 Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing is to find your niche. Some may be asking “what is your niche?” A niche is a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted or the idea that most interest you, or what you are most interested. A niche is anything you are most interested in, be it truck driving, fishing, or hunting, auto repair or maybe you like to build things. Something you feel most comfortable writing about and the products associated with this niche.

Other niches are cooking, Bar B Que, clothing, travel and music and there are many more to choose from. Maybe we can say it is something you most like to talk about and the products associated with this that you know about the most.

3. Create a Websitebuild a website

Our number three steps to success is about creating a website. We can show you how to create a site in under thirty minutes. Now, this is not a real elaborate website; this is the primary website that is up and running on the internet if you wish. A beautiful WordPress website that you will be happy with and you add all the information, photos, products and blogs about your niche.

To read more about creating your website click here on SiteRubix

4. Create Content/Find Affiliates

The final steps to our 4 Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing is the one most people worry the most about – Creating Content – writing blogs. I was most worried about this when I started. My leaving high school at an early age did not help with me learning very much or being very confident about writing. Wealthy Affiliate is full of helpful people who know a lot about writing and the proper use of the English language. We have many English professors and writers in this group, and they all will help you in a moments notice. We have several members who live in Great Britain and will give you help in proper English, which I find very interesting.

Here is a blog about places to go on the internet for assistance with your writing skills. The blog is composed by one of our members Writing Assistance Points, and it covers most of the top writing tools available on the internet. I use some of these for almost all of my blogs. A person has to find the one that best suits him or her.

The bottom line is, write as if you were speaking to someone. Write as if you and I were sitting in the restaurant having a normal conversation. Talking about whatever was on our minds that day.

Finding Affiliates

Once a person has his or her website up and running, a few blogs wrote about the subjects they are interested in, and they will start to see traffic to their website. It is at this time that you can find affiliates to advertise their products on your site and receive commissions.

There are companies out there that finding affiliates is all they do. The list of companies that want you to advertise on your website is endless. All have commissions from 2% to 30% but should have products that you know about and are comfortable writing about. Here are two of the major companies that have affiliate programs and the two that I use.

Share A Sell and Rakuten Affiliate Network.

It does not cost a dime to sign up on their websites, and both companies have many organizations looking for website owners to promote their products. These are not the only ones that you can use, there are many out there, and there are many ways to find Affiliate Programsthat you can use. Wealthy Affiliate has several training videos that will walk you through the process, and it is not complicated at all.

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Put It Altogether

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is a breeze, no credit card, sign up for your seven day trial period and learn all about it. The trial period allows you plenty of time to decide if this is what you want to do in your part-time or do full time.

When a person signs up for premium yearly, he or she will receive 40% off the monthly fee.

A niche is something a person knows about or something he enjoys talking about with other people.

Create a website, something that is made simple here a Wealthy Affiliate. Remember we have members all over the world, so if you are working on your site at 2 AM, someone somewhere will be there to help, if you need.

Creating content and finding the affiliates. Wealthy Affiliate is packed with videos, instructions, and people that can help you in any of this. You will be able to reach me by way of a private message or email at any time. I try to stay on top of these messages as much as possible, but there are other people that you can send a private message and they will be more than happy to help you!

If you are still undecided and want more information read my post here 5 Reasons, Wealthy Affiliate is for Truck Drivers.

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Thank you for reading my review, and I hope to talk soon! Please Comment Below!

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  1. Great article on the process of affiliate marketing. I’m already a member of wealthy affiliate but if I wasn’t you’d definitely have me sold on the community! I appreciate your very direct way of getting the information across.

    I’m still fairly new to wealthy affiliate and I have a question for you. About how long does it take from starting to when you begin making money? I haven’t made anything yet but I keep on creating content with the belief that it will eventually pay off. Thanks for your insight!

    1. It is very important to keep creating content. I did not start out promoting Wealthy Affiliate, as I was concentrating on Affiliate programs. There are many things that affect you sales, from your niche, to content or design of your website. Some people have started making money after one month. The thing is don’t give up, find out what you are comfortable with and keep working at it. If you think you are having problems with one aspect of the training, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Hope this helps a little and good luck!


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