Hello, glad you took the time to visit our Website. We have started this website with the mission to improve a Truck Drivers life. I know that is something that has been talked about for many, years now but I wanted to try to give it a shot!


A Life in the Militarywealthy affiliate

I am the son of a retired Army Sergeant, born in Hawaii. I’m sure a lot of you know about the life of a career military person. Being an Army brat, as they used to call us, has a lot of advantages and a lot of drawbacks. One of the major problems with growing up in the Army is not ever making any lifelong friends. The longest we lived in any one place was three years, and that was in Tokyo, Japan. So we spent part of my youth watching Ed Sullivan, King Kong and Mickey Mouse in Japanese. They had a hard time getting the voice to match up to the picture. The advantages of military life are getting to meet all kinds of people, seeing different countries and learning about different cultures. Our family spent two and a half years in Asmara, Eritrea on the east coast of Africa. Living in foreign countries teaches you very quickly learn how well off we Americans are. I did my time in the Army from 1970 to 1974, mostly in Mannheim, Germany,


Private Liferig 5

After my Army time, I went to work on the Oil Drilling Rigs in Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado.  At that time that was no easy job.  In 1974 we were working seven days a week.  We did get Christmas off, and they finally hired a relief crew to let us have one day a week off.  That lasted until 1985 when the price of oil fell to about six dollars a barrel. Expensive fuel turned into cheap gas real quick. Since we were no longer employed, it was hard to buy the cheap gas.

About that time I started my trucking driving career.  Even though I had a Chauffeurs License (that’s what they called it at that time) no trucking company would hire me.  So we ended up buying a new 1985 cab-over Freightliner Mayflower truck and moving furniture for a living.  Most of you probably remember those purchase programs, you bought a tractor and worked you real hard for a while. A driver was not home very much, and for some reason, after a while, work slowed down.  So, you couldn’t make your tractor payments and had to give the truck back.  I ended up driving for several companies hauling everything from lumber, steel, produce and even horse manure once.  Ended up, in 2000, meeting a smart, caring lady and getting married in 2002.  At that time I started working for a local beverage company in Dallas, TX driving local and within the state.

Forced Retirement

Due to not eating right, not sleeping properly, and working way too many hours during these times, I found out in 2013 that I had Liver Cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis is something no one wants to go through. Thankfully I was blessed with a very healthy brother and a very caring wife. My brother donated part of his liver to me. Had it not been for that I would not be in the excellent condition I am in today. A very, very loving wife got me thru two years of recovery. Also, very thankful to our good Lord above, because he never deserted me, am sure there are many, times he probably should have. I am now sixty-four years old, healthy and retired.

My goals now are helping people stay fit, eat properly and have a happy life.desert-sunset

Also, like helping people with their finances, there are way, way too many Americans not saving enough for their old age. And, given the shape our Government is in, younger people are going to need all the help they can get in their retirement!

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Look forward to hearing from you, your opinions, compliments, and criticisms. Any questions, please leave them below. Your Comments are Always Welcome!

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