big rigsWe have become a Nation of people who say they are going to get something done. Everyone says they are going to do this, I’m gonna do that, and on and on, everyone’s going to do this or that, but nothing happens. Do you think they are just being dishonest or just trying to sound like someone who gets things done? Maybe a lot of us just lack motivation!

With motivation, there isn’t anything that cannot be fulfilled or achieved. Too little motivation isn’t inherently bad. Good habits ought to be the foundation for becoming your perfect self.
We all know there are a lot of overweight truck drivers, for a lot of reasons, but this is not totally what this is all about. This is about having the motivation to get things done, rather it’s weight loss or success at attaining your goals in life.

Weight Loss

Everyone is looking for a fast weight loss plan. The most popular New Years resolution is the one “I’m gonna lose xxxx pounds this year”! If you notice it is bragged about after New Years eve dinner and after a rather large amount of adult beverages have been consumed. The best time to buy a treadmill is in January because everyone is out buying them and the prices are lower due to demand.

The mind is a strong ally or foe. If you would like to get the best success life offers, you should make a tradition of building unstoppable momentum. In my experience, there is just a single motivation, and that’s desire.
But as we age, internal motivation gets harder and harder to find. Truth be told there are many constraints in the way. Time, money and different obligations scrape the fun out of life.

When we speak about sometimes “being motivated” or “lacking motivation” to participate in a behavior change, such as knowing how to eat a more balanced diet or become a regular exerciser, we are referring to the mental process that will impel us to carry out that action (or, in the case of negative motivation, interfere with us from doing so). Thus, motivation is always linked to action.
Desire is a strong feeling of wanting, to have something, or wishing for something to happen. To lose weight requires a strong desire, but we must have a reason to be motivated. You have to figure out the reason you want to lose weight and to have a strong desire you must have a great reason. I guess what it all comes down to be motivated, you must have a great reason, and a great reason should give you the desire.

Reasons People are Motivated

Individuals are motivated by a variety of reasons. We can look into the reasons why someone was motivated, everyone is different and has different reasons. But what it all comes down to, in the end, is a person has to have an intense desire.

immigrantsWhat makes a person motivated? Let us say you have a strong desire to make a lot of money, yes money is a strong motivation, but usually, money alone is not the ideal motivation. A person needs a reason to make a lot of money. Steve Jobs wanted to create the most consumer-friendly computer for the American public, so he set out to do just that. His desire for excellence led him to create an awesome computer that everyone could use and in the process, he was able to make a great deal of money.

Right now across our southern border, we are challenged with numerous immigrants from South America, traveling through Mexico and intending to come to America. They have many good reasons to get out of the country they are living in, poverty, hunger, crime or a dictator that will not allow them any rights. These people go through a lot of adversity to get here. Women are raped, men and women are murdered, children are molested, and people go without food or water for countless days. These people have a strong motivation for a better life, so they are inspired in a special way.

Many People are addicted to drugs and alcohol for a lot of reasons. When a person gets so addicted that he believes he can’t go through the day without it, then his desire for yet another drink or hit deepens. Most drug addicts go through withdrawals if they don’t have the drug they need. These are the real bad addicts. For different addicts, it is psychological in their belief that they need a certain drug, but either way, this gives them the reason, then the desire, then they are motivated to find the drugs they crave. This is what could be considered bad motivation.

What about Michael Jordan who had a great desire to be the very best basketball player? He would practice his free air jordonthrows for numerous hours’ day after day. Every day people say Michael was at the gym or outside on a basketball court practicing and practicing. Jordan did not make his varsity basketball team as a sophomore. At the time he was deemed too short, and not completely skilled enough. But he kept working and working, because of his strong desire, he was motivated to become definitely one of the greatest basketball players.

People face illness for many reasons. Some of it due to harmful health habits, some hereditary, or just bad luck. To survive a life-changing illness, anyone will tell you it takes a strong desire. People trying to overcome illnesses already have a good reason. Most of them may face death or permanent disability if they don’t overcome. This is a really good reason. This reason alone will give someone a strong desire which leads to motivation.

How Can We Get People Motivated

Getting men and women motivated these days is hard to do. As I wrote earlier the older you get the harder it is to get motivated. A lot of us have become comfortable in what we are doing and just don’t want to change. Nearly all of us are in our day to day jobs and don’t want to upset the apple cart. Older people go to work every day and think about the day, they will be able to retire.

Business managers go through the day trying to figure out ways to get their employees motivated, to do a good job or be productive. In the late 1930s, we had Hitler taking over other countries in Europe with objectives of taking over the world. Japan attacked the United States, by way of attacking our Navy in Hawaii. Winston Churchill in England and President Roosevelt made speech after speech to inspire people and encourage them to not let Germany or Japan succeed. This motivated people all over the world to come together and conquer the Japanese and German Army.

When we are young we start a new job and our desire to succeed motivates us to do a great job. After a while, we discover the job was not what we thought and our motivation diminishes significantly. Sometimes a young person believes they want to be a professional baseball player. They practice and train, but when they find out how hard it is to be successful, they give up. A young woman may want to become a nurse, but finds out the long hours that are required or all the messes they must clean up and it gets to be more than they bargained for. It does not matter what you want to be successful at, you must have the motivation to do it.

getting motivatedMost times it takes another person or a mentor to get you motivated. This is why so many large corporations spend so much time and money on their human resources department. Corporations are always trying to figure ways to keep, retain and motivate their employees. In the end, it is hard to find a good company that can keep their people content. All of us are different and how long you stay with a company, will depend on your reasons.

Following the war in Vietnam, the 24-hour news cycle and the internet people grew to be aware of how dishonest our government was. Since then people have not been motivated to get associated with a national issue. The same is true of a large corporation. A number of companies are not honest with their employees or they want to overwork them, so employees lose their desire or motivation to do an effective job. How can we get people motivated?

Truck Driving Now

Identified motivation will arrive when we know something – although not fun – is worthy of our time and effort simply because it’s effective for us. Do you recall how you felt when you got your first truck driving job? Most likely you were energized and looking ahead to doing the very best job you could. Maybe the first six months or year things went very well. What took place after that? Maybe you found out how much work was involved for the pay. Or, you found out the little woman at home didn’t enjoy you being away for such a long time. Driving a truck turned out to be not much fun and with all the time invested you felt it was not worthy of your time.
The same could be said of a person that goes to work for a company, that he or she believes is going to be the best job for them. People go to work energized hoping to do the best job they can. However, with time, they find out things are not what they seem, so all motivation is destroyed.

What about retirement? We work hard all our lives to earn that pension and after some time in the retirement world, things are not what you assumed. The money’s not there or for some reason, you can’t travel like you had desired. Another thing about retirement is we find we have a great deal of time on our hands, not enough to do, so we end up being lazy and disappointed, trying to find work to occupy our time.

I can see why a lot of truck drivers would be dissatisfied these days. With the implementation of the ELD Mandate, truck driving is not the job it used to be. Log books first came out in the 1930s and since then the government is trying to regulate the trucking industry, even more, The government and companies want to control our lives a lot more. This takes out the inspiration to do an effective job.

Identified motivation will arrive when we know the job is worthy of our time and effort. Trucking companies and large corporations do not give an individual the motives to do a great job anymore. Over the years the government and companies have adopted the one size fits all belief, and that’s just simply not how people are. Each person is different and choosing the right company or trucking job is getting a lot harder to do.

The same is true of our government, throughout the years. The politicians have created a system so they will get elected over and over again. A system that makes the individual complacent and a “I don’t give a damn attitude, as long as I have what I need”. A person loses his motivation to make the country better.

Once we talk about both “being motivated” or “lacking motivation” to indulge in a behavior modification, such as knowing how to eat a more balanced diet or grow to be a regular exerciser, we are talking about to the mental strategy that will force us to start that action (or, in the case of unfavorable motivation, hinder us from doing so). Therefore, motivation is always connected to activity.

Conclusionbeing content

Many of you have probably quit reading this a long time ago and if you are still here, Thank You! I just desired to touch on things that get people motivated today, because, for some reason, it seems we have lost our desire and motivation, in this Nation and most definitely in the trucking industry and with our major corporations. I think the real reasons is people think they are getting taken advantage of, by our government and companies. In a lot of cases, this is true. Possibly, if things continue to get worse people will have a reason to demand change. If we have a strong enough reason we will create a strong desire, this should lead to everyone finding motivation!

The most satisfied and contented people are those that work for independently. I worked most of my trucking career as an Owner/Operator but, I had to take early retirement because of health issues, serious health issues. This was enough to make me have the desire to change. With being in retirement, I soon found I needed something to keep my mind active. I had to ask myself “what are your goals and dreams”?

Home businesses are not for everyone, but I have found this keeps me active and I have found another business to make some money at. If you would like to learn about Affiliate Marketing, how to build great Websites, you can build them for yourself or someone else, or if you just want a Website to blog or write articles about something you are passionate about this is an organization you want to check into.

Every person in this particular group is very helpful and have really helped give me the motivation to prosper with this. It does not cost anything to confirm, this is a great opportunity! I know this is something that is worthy of my time and effort! Click on the banner below!


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  1. Hi Wayne,

    I like that you want to encourage people to be more motivated. That is a noble thing to do.

    However I totally disagree with your comment “the older you get the harder it is to get motivated.”

    I am 54 now and am more motivated now than at any other time in my life.

    Not just because I am getting older and can see that I will reach an age where life will slow down, but my mindset has totally changed over the last 5 years due to personal development.

    I think what you are trying to do to motivate people is excellent, however I do feel that you are not really aware of what motivates people.

    For example you discuss what motivates drug users…
    Are you talking from personal experience? Or are you talking from some kind of study you have been part of?

    Don’t get me wrong, I like your article, however I do think, you may want get personal stories from people who have actually gone through some of the situations you discuss, or to provide some kind of proof to give credit to your post.

    Keep up the motivation !


    Tim Bennett!
    1. Tim, first off there were several points I was trying to make here. Maybe I should have worded some things differently. 

      You admit you were maybe slowing down until you started personal development 5 years ago. I admit I don’t know as much about motivation as you, as I have been to very few motivational seminars.

      I think people are motivated because for different reasons, that is why I gave the examples I did. Steve Jobs, the   Immigrants, a sports figure, and a drug addict all have different reasons, thus creating different desires for motivation.

      It is my feelings that governments and corporations around the world have lost sight of how to motivate people, (my example of WW II). They try to lump us all together, not realizing everyone is differentIt. Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event to get everyone motivated.

      People that work for themselves or have home businesses have more desire to succeed thus creating a different  type of motivation and are happier. 

      I guess this is not what you interpreted from my post. I appreciate your feedback, especially from someone with your background.   THX Wayne

      Wayne Towns
  2. I agree with what motivates a person is backed by strong desires. I find that people aren’t motivated because they aren’t willing to weather the storm!

    The microwave attitude has left people with no patience to build and zero drive to sustain.

    Everything has to be done instantly! I wanna lose weight tomorrow, be great at ball tonight, make millions next week!

    Great article, and a read students and professionals should read for sure.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Shannon kamal


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