lincolnEver since the Nixon administration, one political party or the other have been investigating the other for one scandal after the other. The Democrats have been so upset that Donald Trump won the election in 2016 that they have done nothing, except try to get Mr. Trump impeached.

In the meantime there are a million things that need to get done in this Nation, that needs to get fixed. They are not taking care of things the government should do and doing a lot of things they have no business doing. For well over a year now the Media, Mr. Mueller, Mrs. Clinton, and all the Democrats have been doing nothing except try to find some evidence that the Trump election people conspired with the Russians, so Hillary could not get elected. They have seen nothing.

There is more evidence that the Clinton people were doing more colluding than the Trump people, but if the truth is known, there was probably a lot of conspiring to go on with both sides. Like I stated above, this has been going on since the Nixon administration and even back with John F. Kennedy and all the things the Republicans investigated him for relating to his Dad and all his brothers.

I think the American people are fed up, tired of hearing about it and want a government that is going to work, get this country back on its feet again. There are way too many other problems that need immediate attention, or they are going to do grave damage to our Nation. A lot of which will never be able to be repaired.

First We Had Watergatewatergate

The Watergate scandal was a significant political scandal that happened in the United States through the early 1970s, soon after a break-in by five individuals at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) main office at the Watergate office compound in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972, plus President Richard Nixon’s administration’s ensuing attempt to cover up its participation. Immediately after the five burglars were caught and the conspiracy was uncovered, Watergate was investigated by the United States Congress.

The scandal led to the development of multiple violations of power by many people of the Nixon administration, an impeachment procedure towards the president that added to articles of impeachment, and Nixon’s resignation. The scandal even resulted in the indictment of 69 people, with trials or pleas causing 48 being found guilty, some of whom happened to be top Nixon officials.

Jimmy Carter’s only Scandal?bert lance

Bert Lance had been an adviser to Carter during his winning 1976 presidential campaign. Following Carter’s victory over President Gerald Ford, Lance became Director of the Office of Management and the Budget (OMB). Within six months, questions were raised by the press and Congress about mismanagement and corruption when Lance was Chairman of the Board of Calhoun First National Bank of Georgia.

It would be an embarrassment for the Carter organization, especially since it took place shortly after President Nixon’s Watergate scandal and President Ford’s pardon of Nixon barely before he might be tried for any crimes. To guarantee there was no hint of the same impropriety in the Carter administration, Lance resigned his position.

Subsequently, after a well-advertised trial in 1980, a jury acquitted Lance on nine accusations and did not determine two others.

reaganRonald Reagan

The Iran–Contra event, also called to as Irangate, Contragate or the Iran–Contra scandal, ended up being a political scandal in the United States that happened during the second term of the Reagan Administration. Senior government officials covertly helped the sale of arms to Iran, that was the subject of an arms embargo.

While President Ronald Reagan was a promoter of the Contra cause, the evidence is questioned whether he approved the diversion of the money to the Contras, raised by the arms sales. Many investigations ensued, including by the U.S. Congress and the three-person, Reagan-appointed Tower Commission.

Neither of them discovered any proof that President Reagan himself understood the degree of the multiple programs. Eventually, the sale of arms to Iran was not regarded as a criminal offense, but charges were introduced towards five individuals for their assistance of the Contras.

George H.W. Bush

The Iran-Contra affair followed President George H. W. Bush into office, as he was Reagan’s Vice President at the time. He dismissed any knowledge of the Iran-Contra Affair throughout his election campaign by suggesting he was “out of the loop.”

His diaries of that particular time, nevertheless, stated: “I’m one of the few people that know the details fully…” He continually refused to reveal this to investigators all through the investigation and thus won the election; this kept the Congress busy for the four years of the Bush presidency.

Catalina Vasquez Villalpando (R), Treasurer of the United States, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and tax evasion, creating the sole US Treasurer ever sent to prison.

On December 24, 1992, George H. W. Bush (R) granted clemency to five convicted government officials and Caspar Weinberger, whose trial had not yet begun. This action prevented any further investigation into the matter.

William J. Clintonclinton impeachment

The Clinton administration was investigated from the start. From their Arkansas Whitewater land scandal to the most famous Monica Lewinsky, and all the other Clinton women scandals the Congress had no time for anything else. In all during the Clinton administration, there were approximately 25 people investigated or indicted for various crimes, only three were Republicans.
President Bill Clinton (D) was impeached by the House of Representatives for perjury and obstruction of justice for presumably lying under oath regarding consensual sexual relations with an associate of his staff Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was acquitted by the Senate and stayed in office for the remainder of his term.

Clinton subsequently was cited for contempt of court and consented to a five-year suspension of his Arkansas law license (1998) On October 1, 2001, Clinton was prohibited from practicing law before the Supreme Court of the United States.

George W. Bushw. bush

The eight years of the George W. Bush presidency was nothing but scandals and investigation. I guess after the 2000 election fiasco in Florida the Democrats were not happy campers. Mr. Bush managed to stay out of the political fray and escaped any indictments, but don’t think they didn’t try real hard. In all, there were over fifty investigations during the Bush years, involving just about everybody in his administration. Most were Republicans, very few Democrats.

Timothy Goeglein, Special Assistant to President Bush, resigned once it was uncovered that a lot more than twenty of his columns had been plagiarized from an Indiana newspaper.

Joseph E. Schmitz (R) was selected by President Bush to be Defense Department Inspector General on June 18, 2001. He resigned on September 9, 2005, in the aftermath of many allegations by Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), including that he had obstructed the FBI investigation of John A. Shaw.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center neglect scandal (2007) about substandard conditions for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center including long delays in treatment, rodent infestation and outbreaks of mold resulted in the relief of three senior staff.

Francis J. Harvey (R) Secretary of the Army, appointed by G. W. Bush, resigned

Maj. Gen. George Weightman (R) was fired for failures linked to the scandal

Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley (R) appointed by G. W. Bush, was relieved of command resigned for failures related to the scandal

Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney (R), was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in the Plame Affair on March 6, 2007. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison and fined $250,000. George W. Bush commuted the sentence on July 1, 2007. The felony remains on Libby’s record, though the jail time and fine were reduced.

These are just a few; it is astonishing that any government was completed through the Bush years. A lawyer in Washington DC can become very wealthy!

Barack Obamaobama

Throughout President Obama’s administrations, there were over fifty investigations. There are way too many to go into details; each one is worthy of its research article.

Katherine Archuleta, Director of the Office of Personnel Management, resigned on July 10, 2015, following cyberintrusions that permitted the theft of data regarding 22 million people, some of whom had applied for delicate security clearances.

hilaryHillary Clinton email controversy – Throughout her period as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (D) used an unprotected private server to send out and receive individual and classified material. The FBI investigation found that 110 messages contained valuable information that was classified at the time it was sent. Her aides subsequently deleted about 31,000 emails emerging from the server that Clinton regarded as individual correspondence. Director of the FBI James Comey(R) discovered no evidence to suggest Clinton or her staff deleted these emails in an attempt to conceal them. He also found too little evidence to charge her with any crime.

Veterans Health Administration scandal of 2014 – authorities in the Phoenix, VA hospital lied about how long the wait times were for veterans to see a doctor. The newly elected Secretary of Veterans Affairs, General Eric Shinseki, voluntarily resigned.

ATF gun walking scandal – Attorney General Eric Holder (D) was held in Contempt of Congress immediately after refusing to publish all documents which the House of Representatives had demanded about the Fast and Furious gun-walking operation. He did not resign, and no charges were brought. (2012)

trumpDonald J. Trump

We are a year and four months into the Trump presidency, and there have been sixteen investigations. These range from sexual harassment, obstruction of justice, lying to investigators, insider trading, racial slurs against Barack Obama, sexual assault, and so many more that you can’t list them all here.

The most significant investigation and the one taking up the most time is the Russia collusion deal, and so far they have wasted all this time and found nothing! All of this stems from the hate of Mr. Trump and the loss of Hillary Clinton in the election.



It does not matter instead you are Conservative or Democrat, this can’t possibly keep going on. I always thought we had gridlock in our government because the Nation is evenly split 50/50-Conservative/Liberal, which is how people identify themselves. When you get down to it the majority of the people are middle of the road, not one extreme or the other.

Most everyone in our Nation wants a government that is going to govern for the good of the people and the country, not one extreme, and not be tied up with all these meaningless investigations. All this is, is a bunch of politicians grandstanding. Competing to get on TV, gain popularity and with the help of the media, whose only interest is ratings – trying to destroy the American way of life.

Rush Limbaugh said today on his show “somebody has to bring this to a halt, somebody has to step up and try to save our entire electoral process, the assumption that it is aboveboard and that people’s votes count. Somebody has to step up and try to stop it”.

Maybe next time, after I think a little more on this subject, it would be good research just to find out how much taxpayer money has been paid on all these investigations? One investigation alone would be worth it. Also, it would be interesting to know how much time has been spent, when our Congress could be working on things that need to get done and how much taxpayer money has been spent on attorneys for all these individuals?

The number of crooks and the way our politicians go about trying to eliminate their opponents will amaze you!! Your Comments are always Welcome on this Website – Like to hear from You!

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  1. Great article. Yes, I am fed up with this government. The political parties are always fighting. They are always wasting taxpayer’s money. It is really a shame because we are the greatest country in the world and we are becoming more and more divided.

    1. Thank you, Cynthia, for your comments. You are right the more I read about this then write about it, the more frustrated we get! I am sure you are the same way. Need to stick with articles that are helpful and inspiring to people. Sometimes we need to let off a little steam, I guess? Your comment is much appreciated and hope to talk soon.

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