honoring school victimsDoes anyone really know what it is going to take to stop the violence that is overtaking our schools and is there any way to prevent school shootings? Keeping our children in a constant state of fear and leaving teachers with the constant worry that some madman is going to come through the door at any time.

Most Americans are seeing the violence in Texas and wondering when or if this is going to stop? We are all saddened by what has happened and we can not imagine what it would be like to be one of the 100s of families across this Nation who currently live with the fact that their son or daughter was gunned down inside a school and their child will never come home. This is something that can never be repaired. It is a space in their hearts which will never be made well.

Emotionally Unstable People

Since the Columbine shooting in Littleton, CO in 1999 there have been 228 school shootings, this does not take into account other shootings like Ft Hood, TX or the recent Las Vegas, NV disaster. Ten of these shootings have been major incidents where more than five people were killed. The recent Santa Fe, TX shooting where there were ten people killed or the Newtown, CT catastrophe, where there were 28 deaths may be considered major tragedies, although when anyone dies it is a tragedy. This leaves 218 school shootings where five or fewer victims were murdered. Overall this adds up to about twelve of our young people per year.

The majority of these killings were done by students or former students who had some type of mental problem, were bullied, or having some type of family problems. In just about all the cases students after the incident reported that the individual involved was acting strangely, not very well liked, or very unfriendly, a castaway of sorts having no friends. Most of the weapons used in these crimes were either stolen, acquired illegally, or were not properly stored by the parents. No matter what the incident there is plenty of evidence that these crimes were planned, days in advance, which students, teachers, and counselors should have had ample warnings.

Our Look For Ratings Media                   media frenzy

What happens when one of these unstable individuals commits one of these horrendous crimes? I think you all know the answer, the higher the death toll, the more reporters with their camera crews following along are at the scene. Just about as soon as it happens they are on the stage broadcasting 24 hours about what has just taken place. So many so that law enforcement teams can scarcely do their jobs. Immediately in the faces of the victims’ families, medical staff, local cops, sheriffs, highway patrol and anyone else that can give them any amount of information, verified or unverified! It is quite disgraceful to watch.

One could say that one of the reasons a person commits these crimes is the lack of popularity or not being noticed by their peers. Someone who is viewed as a loner with very few friends and someone who is looking for the attention they long for. They commit these hideous crimes and as soon as it’s done the media displays their whole life in front of the world. Not only do we learn the life history of the attackers, but all about their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and anyone else in this family.

I know our government would have freedom of information lawsuits by the truckload if they forbid any information about these crimes to get released. If we are serious about putting a stop to this, the government is going to have to step in and forbid any information to be released to anyone, other than the immediate family about the crimes committed. The endless parade of law enforcement, politicians, and medical personnel in front of the cameras needs to stop. This should include the type of weapons, names of the person who committed the crimes, their historical past, the victims and any information at all about the crime.

None of this information needs to be released to the public or the press. A lot of people are going to argue that this information has to be released so we can all learn how to prevent these from happening again. On the other side of the coin people say that someone who commits this kind of crime is only looking for publicity and in a good deal of these cases, this is true. It would go a long way in preventing some of these crimes in the future if the least amount of information were released as possible. Every time we have an incident, 100s of people get on TV, 24 hours a day, voicing their opinion about why this happened for several days after the crime, this hasn’t put a stop to it yet.

Armed Veterans                    prevent school shootings

Another proposal the school districts should take a look at would be the positioning of unemployed veterans in each school. We have nearly 370,000 unemployed veterans in our nation, a lot of them homeless. Many of them are home after serving their country with no meaningful employment. Most would likely appreciate the opportunity to protect our children, offering them something that they have been perfectly trained for.

  • Many would-be attackers will think twice about choosing a murderous act if they know there were armed teams inside of the school. People that have experience with armed insurgents.
  • A lot of our young people would benefit from a relationship or the friendship of an individual who they can look up to and respect. Many young people are not taught these days about what the military is all about and what service to our country means.
  • If an attacker gets through the veteran checkpoint, the veterans are already on the scene and their military training will kick in to lower the effects of a threat instantly.

Why can’t we examine the best way to limit every school to one or two entries and exits, then place armed veterans at each site, throughout the school day. I can just hear all the arguments of the school administrators and teachers about having trained killers at their schools. Yes, these people would have to be thoroughly vetted, but I would feel far better sending my children to a school with trained personnel there to protect them from another crazed madman.

enough school violenceExtreme Measures

Any person that picks up any type of weapon with the desire to kill a large group of people undoubtedly has severe mental problems. There ought to be no argument about that and when they plan their attack for several days or weeks in advance, extreme consequences are necessary to prevent this insanity. Something they have to think really serious about before carrying out their crime. A proposal that I have heard about is very extreme by the standards we live by today, but if it were to become a reality, would go a long way in preventing these criminal acts.

The lack of publicity that was discussed earlier would go a long way in preventing these crimes, for someone who chooses to end his life, but what about those that choose to stay alive and take their chances in our courts? We need a system that has no publicity, a very short trail, no appeals and swift justice. A very quick trail and absolutely no coverage by the media, at all!

  • Appoint a three-judge panel to hear each case, with testimony from those involved, no jury and no appeals.
  • One attorney to argue the case in front of these judges and before the start, a time limit must be agreed upon
  • If the judges decide on the death penalty, it shall be carried out the day after the decision – in public
  • The judges may decide life in prison in which case the person shall be incarcerated immediately with no communication at all to the outside world

These are extreme measures to take and most people today will say it is cruel and uncivilized. Is it not uncivilized what these people are doing to our children. Murdering them in cold blood and the ones that do survive have the nightmare to live with for the rest of their lives.

In Summary                                   school violence

These are just some of the ideas for a way to prevent school violence. Many, many other things are going to have to be done and we probably won’t prevent all the violence. Parents, school administrators, the government and people all over this nation are going to have to change their way of thinking.

  • Start teaching our children about guns and gun safety
  • Put God back into our schools
  • Start teaching our children about the greatness of our Country instead of running it down-we teach our children to hate America
  • Start teaching history again and the sacrifices our founders made to make this nation great
  • Start promoting the family instead of single mothers and attacking men as “toxic”
  • Swift punishment for bullying

It took us many years to get to this point and it is going to take a long time to change the way of thinking in America today! Start listening to each other and quit running each other down.

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  1. At this point, I am starting to question my self, if these individuals who commit the shooting on school are doing it because it’s a learning behavior? It seems that the more attention that they put it on TV news the more probability its that another crazy person it’s looking for a spotlight, because of these person lacks attention maybe. To prevent this is gonna take a radical change is not impossible but it will be hard.

    1. Yes Erick, it is a.complicated issue. It does make things a lot worse when is is splashed all over the.TV day after day. It is.going.to.take drastic change for a.lot of people if we are.going.to stop it! Thanks for your comments.

  2. The article was well written and I believe that the proposals expressed were unique, if not extreme measures. Though I am a firm believer in freedom of the press, I do completely agree with the expressions of the author that in order for real change to take place Americans need to change their way of thinking. School violence has become a public health issue and has had a real impact on the safety of children in society.

    Only when the American people change their way of thinking about the balance of gun laws between freedom of ownership and violence in schools and public areas can real pressure be placed on the government to make real change happen.

    If other countries have demonstrated the ability to curb their rates of gun violence then America can utilize the history initiated by the Founding Fathers to achieve the major goal achieving safety in schools and communities.

    1. Thank you for your comments, they are well taken.

      Yes some of my measures are a little extreme, people have to realize these are extreme people committing these crimes. 

      I am sure if we all sat down and talked, reasonable, about this subject we could find a solution. When people realize they will not get their names published in every newspaper, on every news channel and punishment will be harsh, they will understand we are serious and this may stop. At the least slow down somewhat. THX


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