This time of the year everyone has to keep an eye on the weather. You don’t have to be a hermit to know that this year is starting out quite a bit cooler than the past three or four years. In fact, I think it has caught a few people off guard. I watch the weather and see how cold it is up north in places like Alberta, Canada, North Dakota and Montana. Not to mention the windy city, Chicago, where the wind is like a giant Razor Blade snow-icecoming down the street, and think about New York and New England!

Be Prepared

I look back on my trucking days and remember all those cold places that I dreaded going to, but you have to remember. It comes with the job. A Driver has to Be Prepared. Making sure you have plenty of fuel additive for fuel, alcohol for your air system, extra fuel filters, and warm clothes in case you have to get out and make some quick repairs. I understand trucks are a lot better equipped now than they were before, with air dryers, fuel tank heaters, and satellite systems so you can get a hold of your company if you get stranded, but it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on all this especially when the temperature gets below ZERO.

Any of those drivers from Canada and further north will tell you it’s a must have to carry good winter clothing with you. That’s why I wanted to talk, a little, about Caterpillar Clothes. Few people know how well-made their Coats, Gloves, and Boots are. CLICK HERE for some good prices on Cat Footwear and Clothing!!winter driving

100% Polyester Oxford; 100% Polyester Taffeta Lining

Machine Wash

Zip-Off Hood lined with microfleece and adjustable drawcord and cord locks for versatility and warmth

Two-way full front zip and double storm flaps with snap closure for ultimate protection against the elements

Adjustable cuffs with snap tabs and hidden storm cuffs to keep the warmth in and the weather out       

                                                                                                CAT FOOTWEARCat Boots and Shoes

Adjustable drawcords and cord locks at waist and bottom for optimal fit 

Insulated, windproof, and water resistant                              

100% Polyester quilted lining, heavyweight 100% polyester insulation. Reflective webbing on front and back body                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           For your comfort, safety and well-being this would be an ideal Coat to have for those cold winter  days or nights, when your out their tarping your load or chaining down a piece of equipment on your flatbed, or have to wait for a Tow Truck with no heat If you have some mechanical problem on I-80 going across Wyoming, in the winter, with the wind blowing fifty MPH, and the wind chill somewhere around 40 below, you might wish you had ordered some Caterpillar clothes at  CAT FOOTWEAR!


In looking thru all the reviews I think I could only find one bad one and it was three stars. Didn’t read it all through, but it was about some bad stitching a customer had. All the reviews I read were four and five stars out of more than 100. They ranged anywhere from a great fit, heavy-duty, a high-quality product, and the fact there are plenty of pockets. Pockets on the inside for a phone, tablets, or any other things you can think of. Another customer stated they had never worn a Coat this warm, great at blocking the wind, and it fits like it was tailored.

After twenty-seven years of trucking all over the US and Canada, I understand what it’s like to be outside when the temperature is below zero. It can be brutal and even life threating if you have to get out in severe cold temperatures. I have seen many drivers come north and not be prepared for the cold, a windbreaker and cowboy boots ain’t gonna cut it, that’s why I recommend Caterpillar Parkas, Coats, and Boots. Thanks for reading my review. LOOK forward to hearing from you!! Please Comment Below!! Wayne



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