We are a group of impatient people! Remember way back when we mailed a letter and two or three days later the person we sent it to receives it. Then the person we mailed it to took maybe a week to reply, mailed it and two or three days later we received it. Altogether about two weeks involved in this communication project. Sometimes longer, in some cases!

Compare that to now, with increasingly high-speed computers, texting, instant messaging, and all the other ultra-high a trump tweetspeed communication we have. Our president sends out a Tweet in the morning and by the 9:30 AM open of the stock market, its either crashed or gained 200 points depending on what he has Tweeted about. Yes, we have become a World of instant gratification or one of instant knowledge!


Slow Internet Problems

Everyone is working toward more speed, speed on the race track, speed in the way we invest, faster trucks, and faster internet. Faster horses and faster women, anyone remember Tom T. Hall? We are getting off track here, but what do you do when a web page loads too slow or your computer takes too long to start up? The say the average person will stay on a page about 5 seconds and if it’s not loaded they will move on to another page.

I have seen all kinds of reactions from table pounding, red faces, and all-out temper tantrums! Some say it’s just the slow internetyoung people that do this, but it is young and old alike. You can see just as many young people driving too fast or changing lanes erratically as you do the older ones, and the same goes for our older population.

Instant Job Promotion

This seems to be a problem of the younger ones in our society. I remember back years ago, it was the belief that you started out working for a company and worked your way up. When you started out your pay was not too good and most times the work was menial. That was the way things were and everyone understood it. A person had to have a lot of patience and work their way to the top.

Now everyone wants to start at the top with the best pay. I wonder when or why we lost our patience with the job market in our Nation. Maybe, it’s going to college for several years and getting in debt with student loans, that has led people to needing to make a lot of money when they enter the job market.

It is not just the job market, but also people thinking they need new stuff all the time. No one wants to drive a used car now, they think they need the newest, latest model and it doesn’t matter how much it cost, we can always finance it. A man needs that new bass boat now or the wife needs that new living room set, no one has the patience to save the money.

Investing Money In the Stock Market

Anyone that knows anything about investing, knows patience is the best way to go. A good Financial Adviser will tell you to invest your money and have the patience to let it grow. Fidelity Investments did a survey of some individual stock portfolios, recently. They found that in portfolios, when a person had passed away, and nothing was done with the investments, those portfolios actually gained more than ones where an investor was constantly moving their money around.

There is no room for a “hurry up” attitude in investing or at any time you are building a business. All we have to do is look at Warren Buffett, a very patience man with a long-term outlook. There are a few other men like this in the business world and all of them have had a lot of success. Master the art of patience and you will have the competitive edge, make better decisions and become a successful business person.

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a time to slow downTake Time To Slow Down

How many times has someone told you a slow steady approach to any task is the best, that consistency is the best way to go. You may have a truck that will do 85 MPH, but if you are always stopping for this and that, the one who keeps going 65 all the time will do a lot better. Keep the left door shut!

We could take lessons from people that live in South America. We all know how slow and easy going they are, but I would say their blood pressure is a lot lower than ours. They don’t worry about getting anywhere to fast and if they can’t get it done today, it can wait until tomorrow.

Overall people that are not always in a rush, take their time, and see to it they get the job done right, are probably in better health than those of us that are constantly in a hurry. We can create a lot of stress, being in a hurry all the time and always worrying about something. Stress alone, does a lot of harm to our health, if not now, later on down the road.

I would say that people that work for themselves are a lot happier than those that don’t. All we need to do is look at the Trucking Industry. Owner/Operators have more control over their lives and how they get the job done than a company driver. I know O/O have more expenses and more to think about as far as truck payments, fuel, and maintenance. At least they get to drive the truck they want and the option to turn down a load they don’t want.

Learn A New Job Skilllearn a new skill

Truck Drivers overall have a lot more patience than people in other industries. The first thing you learn is you are not going to be able to drive as fast as all those four wheelers. We learn patience being stuck in traffic, road rage, waiting for the dispatchers, waiting for a maintenance person, dealing with shippers and receivers, and the list can go on and on!

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What about those of you that would like to get out of the industry? Are you wanting to retire and worried about having enough in retirement?

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I look forward to hearing from you new ideas and your thoughts are always Welcome!






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