I know how busy Truck Drivers are these days. Sometimes you spend more time looking for a safe place to park for the night, somewhere decent to take a shower, get a good meal, get fuel or keep your truck maintained. Never mind a breakdown or flat that takes up two or three hours or more. I would imagine there are a lot of times when you have forgotten a Birthday, Anniversary, or wanted to send a Get Well gift to someone at home.


Technology has come a long way in the last ten years. These days you don’t have to look around for a flowershop or a place to buy a gift. You don’t have to figure out how your gonna find a post office or figure how you can park,” your large car” at that post office. Everyone has at least a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, we have the convenience of getting online, finding a good flowershop or gift shop and ordering what you want.

Flower Delivery Service

A Great Online Flower Delivery Service –1-800-FLORALS – Founded by James and Helen Phillip in the early 20s, they have become one of Americas leading florists. At that time they were only thinking about raising a family, so they built a small flower shop, and started building a flower business. The family grew and so did their business. Today their children are carrying on the family floral tradition with a strong commitment to fresh flowers, personal service, and family togetherness. Flowers remain the focal point of their business


Their customers span the globe-ordering by phone, fax, multiple websites, and even satellite hook-up. Their computers link to 30,000 professional florists worldwide. So delivery is a snap almost anywhere. The focus of their business is to deliver the finest, fresh flowers, plants, and gift baskets available.

Shopping. You can shop for Products and Occasions. Find Funeral Flowers, Family Funeral Tributes, and Sympathy Gifts.

Information. Do you like learning about flowers? You’ll find information on floral design and decorating tips for any occasion. They also have information on a Guy’s Guide to Giving Flowers, the Meaning of Flowers and the Meaning of Roses. Other resources are Online Florist, Flowers by Wire and information about Sympathy Flowers.

Free Service.  Send Virtual Flowers, eCards, by email,  and you can sign up for a free Reminder Service.

Hospitals and Funeral Homes.  1-800-FLORALS will deliver to just about every hospital and funeral home in the United States and Canada. If you need to find an address for a Hospital or Funeral Home, they have the listings.



With 1-800-FLORALS you have no reason be late on that flower arrangement for that Special One in your life. Sign up for their free Reminder Service and they will help you keep track of important birthdays, anniversaries and other dates you need to know. Once you are in their system, it shouldn’t take fifteen minutes to order a flower arrangement or special gift, sent anywhere you need to send it, to one of your children, your spouse, Moms, Dads or any other loved one in your life!! Check out their website when you get a chance!!    Comments, questions – like to hear from you!!

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