How many of you have been stranded, on the road, in the middle of nowhere at one time or another? Seems like we are having more and more severe storms. The Hurricanes in South Texas, Florida, and now we have terrible, terrible fires threatening Los Angeles. We have had bad storms and natural disasters in the past, but we have a lot more people now and this creates more destruction, road damage and a lot of confusion. How can a Driver prepare for this? We need to have a food storage for a trucker plan!

Terrible Destruction

Hurricane Harvey was the costliest storm on record. After sitting on top of Houston for about a week a total of 30 inches rain had fallen. About 30% of Harris County was under water. Beaumont and Port Arthur had approximately 32″ of rain. Port Arthur was completely submerged. Northeast of Houston was under evacuation orders, as were Conroe, Bay City, and many areas from Galveston to the LA/TX state line.

Needless to say, there was and still is major road damage, as well as a lot of damage to bridges and tunnels. There were widespread rain and flood all thru Louisiana and Alabama. If you were caught in all this, trying to navigate your big truck thru it all, it probably turned into a major, major headache. You might have been in a situation where you had to park someplace where it wasn’t very convenient as far as a place to eat, shower or take it easy.

Hurricane Irma rolled into South Florida, the first part of September. Irma alternated between a Category 2 and 3 all the way up thru Florida. Evacuations were ordered in South Florida, Ft Lauderdale, and the city of Tampa declared a state of emergency. Commercial airports were closed in Miami and Orlando. Once again, a lot of flooding, road and bridge damage, and driving anywhere become a major problem, if you could go at all.

All Up the Eastern US

Irma rolled out of Florida, as an intense tropical storm, and moved all the way up the Eastern part of the US. Six hundred and fifty miles wide most of the time, all the way from South Florida to the Northeast, finally weakening and collapsing on September 16th, 2017. Dumping untold amounts of rain and creating billions of dollars damage, that will take a long, long time to repair. Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia all had significant damage from flooding. I imagine all of you hear stories of the mayhem this created, Truck Drivers being stranded in their trucks, people being stranded in their cars, running out of food, water, gas and not being able to get medical treatment. No one has come up with an accurate death toll from Irma, but there were quite a few.

California is Burning

California has had problems with fires for many years. The Santa Anna winds have been brutal there, but due to abnormal rainfall last year, there is a large amount of underbrush. The lack of rain, this year, and the strong winds have dried out this underbrush creating ideal conditions for fires. Now, I think there are five different fires burning, all in Ventura County and around north of Los Angeles. The 101 Freeway and Interstate 405 have both been closed at different times There are many homes destroyed. It will be some time before this is brought under control and the damages will astronomical!

Soon we will hear all the stories like we heard about Harvey and Irma. Truck Drivers stranded in their trucks, people having to flee their homes and being put up in shelters, and all the stories of bravery. What can Truck Drivers and people do to prepare for these disasters?

PreparednessSan Diego Fire

FEMA advises everyone to keep at least a 72 FOOD SUPPLY, medical supplies and several other things to prepare for Natural Disasters. The way things are now these disasters are becoming more and more frequent. There are many people trying to explain the reasons why, you know what they are, but I say it is impossible for the human race to change it. Every Truck Driver needs to keep a supply of emergency items in his truck. Yes I know you are cramped for space, but try to get enough of this to at least get you thru 72 hours:

A person can go online and order long term food storage bags that contain:

Fruits – Strawberries and Apple Slices

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal – Breakfast

Mac and Cheese – Lunch

Potato Cheddar – Dinner

You can also order online meal kits that contain soups, chicken, beef, and rice. These are not your old-fashioned C-Rations in a can that tasted like I can’t say here and couldn’t digest. Most of these kits, you order, have no bad preservatives, up to 25-year life, in resealable packages. All you have to do is drop these in a pot of boiling water. I know a lot of you carry those little pots you plug in the cigarette lighter to warm up some water or coffee. It is also advisable to carry a good first aid kit. There are many stores out there that sell emergency supplies, food, clothing, and anything you may need. A lot of things can be ordered online, ship em home and pick them up on your way thru! USA, LLC


Plan Ahead

Look into buying your long-term food storage supplies. If you think you are driving into a major problem, fill up with fuel, stop and buy some healthy food that you will be able to store for a while and keep on truckin! All of these ideas apply to your home too. You don’t want your loved ones left out in the cold with no food or water especially in this day and age of the many natural disasters we are experiencing!! Look forward to hearing from you.  COMMENT BELOW!!





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