Like to write a short article about healthy food and exercise for truckers and a short list of healthy foods and snacks for a truck driver. Ihealthy food and exercise know all of you have heard about this and are saying “we don’t need to hear more about not eating right.” Have you looked around at all the overweight drivers, smoking too much and can’t get from their trucks to the restaurant without running out of breath? I speak from experience, as I was the same way until I stopped driving over the road and got a driving job where I was able to get more exercise and started eating properly.

I finished my Over the Road truck driving career in 1999. That was when I started driving for a major beverage company. When we started driving in 1986, there was not too much concern for a drivers’ health. By the time 1999 rolled around people were starting to talk about it a lot more. The sad thing is there are still a lot of drivers’ who are not paying attention! How do we create a healthy lifestyle?

Ticking Time Bombs

We all know truck drivers’ have a lot of health issues, as does the average working person everywhere today. The problem with truck drivers’ is they don’t have access to Health Food Stores, Gyms and other facilities that the public has. High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Heart problems, Back problems and let’s not forget about Hemorrhoids.

A driver sits behind the wheel, eleven hours at a time, smoking one after the other. And I can’t blame them, especially when you are in west Texas at two in the morning trying to stay awake. Or going across Wyoming in a blizzard at two in the morning munching on a great big bag of greasy potato chips. Can’t say as I blame your there, your blood pressure’s up, heart rate about one twenty. Sliding off the road is no fun at all, especially when they might not find you until spring.

About 1986 there were not a lot of options to get a healthy meal. Truckstop restaurants consisted of a small diner and a guy with long greasy hair, flipping eggs, and fatty bacon or a big ole greasy hamburger. Things are improving. I know a lot of the major Truck Stops offer a healthy menu, and they do have some healthy snacks in their stores.


Yes, things have changed a lot over the years. You can now get into most Wal-Marts with your truck. Parking far away shouldn’t be a problem, that’s exercise we badly need! Wal-Marts have a pretty good selection of fresh fruits, green teas, raw vegetables, nutrition bars and several other items. These are all good things to create a healthy lifestyle.

Fruits are composed of many antioxidants, which fight against cancer, aging, infections, and help fight against stress. Pick up some dry fruit which contains vitamins and minerals and are suitable for your iron, calcium and zinc levels. .Some benefits of green tea are improved brain function, fat loss, lower risk of cancer and many other benefits. Eating vegetables is always good for you, but you can quickly pick up some raw veggies and munch on them, be sure to wash them first. Fresh herbs are good for weight loss, your heart and lower your cancer risk. NUTRITION BARS contain a lot of NUTS AND SEEDS Peanuts are high in omega six fatty acids which are useful for brain function. Other good nuts for you, which are helpful for protein, fiber, weight loss and many other things, are pistachios, almonds, walnuts, pecans, and a can of mixed nuts. It is good that a lot of grocery stores and Wal-Marts now carry these things. You might have to drive around the block to find a parking spot

healthy veggieshealthy fruits

Online Shopping
Another great way to create a list of healthy foods and snacks. Most of you have laptops and your smartphones. Instead of looking at Facebook while you are on your ten-hour break, check out some online health food stores. You could order healthy things online from date nuts in a jar, organic figs, organic nuts, and many more strange sounding items, but they are all good for your and a lot better than that candy bar, a bag of chips or skoal you are chewing on. A lot of places offer discounts while shopping online. Submit your order for enough stuff to last, while you are away, and pick it up when your swing through the house.

For some healthy snacks and juices, click the Traverse Bay Farms banner below


No one likes to talk about this. We all think we get enough exercise walking to the restaurants. That is a long way from enough. A pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. A 175-pound person needs to walk 35 miles to burn that fat. Drivers now have to take a ten-hour break. It doesn’t take long to walk a mile and just think how much better you will feel. The only thing lacking is our determination to do this. A person has to create a mindset that he is going to succeed at something, and doesn’t let anything get in your way. Thirty minutes of exercise a day goes a long way. Think about when you were young and the amount of determination you had to succeed at something.


A Healthy LifestyleWillpower and Perseverance are vital to success.  When we are young, we had a lot of that, along with a healthy dose of hard-headiness. The only problem is we direct our willpower in the wrong direction. I wanted to be a successful truck driver when starting out, so we worked hard, worked a lot of hours, drove more miles than I should have and other things to ensure my success. I look back now and think what it would have been like if I had directed that energy towards creating a healthy lifestyle. There is also a good possibility I would not have had to deal with liver cirrhosis and a liver transplant in 2015. I hate to see anyone go thru a major surgery. Dealing with all the problems and doctor appointments before the surgery, going thru the actual operation and recovery is positively no fun at all. “Trust Me” When it’s all said and done you are not the same person as before you developed your health problems.


Maybe I have sounded a little harsh or short in this article, but this is something that I think about a lot, the health and well being of our fellow truckers. It would be great if we all felt better and lived the healthiest we could! It all makes for a better life in our old age, and a person feels much better as they go through their day to day lives.

Like to talk a little about pain medicines and prescription painkillers. Everyone is aware of the epidemic we now have because people have abused hydrocodone, fentanyl, and other pain relievers. Many people have become addicted to these because there were prescribed to alleviate the pain. Rather a backache or a headache, it is not worth your health to take these medicines.

Over the counter pain medicines, over time do about the same amount of damage to your body as the prescription meds. When a person takes that Tylenol or Aleve, especially over time, you run the risk of extensive liver or kidney damage.

Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) is a three-year-old rock solid company with a New CBD Product Line. They have launched 24 New CBD Products in January of 2018. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant. CBD is becoming increasingly popular for having a broad scope of benefits – due to clinical reports and test data showing little to no side effects. The CBD Oil that is available through CTFO contains no THC which is associated with marijuana products. It is not illegal and will not generate positive results when you are asked to give your random urine samples.

CBD Products are rapidly gaining popularity because of the benefits they have for a multitude of problems we encounter every day in our truck driving careers. To name a few would be:

Back problems
Shoulder cramps and aches
Leg cramps
Anxiety and depression

I just wanted to list a few as there are many more. To see a listing of all the great products available at Changing The Future Outcome or to purchase CBD oil and read all about it, click on the website here My wife, and I know from utilizing these products that it helps us throughout the day. Using CBD oil results in better husband and wife relationships and a much better nights sleep. Try it for a month and let me know the difference. There are no fees to join this fantastic program, and you receive perfectly made products here for a lot less than other licensed industrial Hemp farms.

To sign up and start receiving these great products click wayne661 myctfocbd  I encourage you to start a Health Program. The Determination, Willpower and the Perseverance to succeed is all it takes. And don’t let anyone get you sidetracked. Let me know how you are doing!! Your Comments are Always Welcome!!


  1. Hello Wayne
    I had no idea that a trucker dealt with such health problems. And it so totally makes sense.
    I am a big believer in we are what we eat. So not having access to food that is healthy is problematic. I like that you showed how easy it is to change that.
    And CBD oil for truckers would be so helpful. No THC so no intoxicants. No one is driving while under the influence. And CBD Oil is the balancer for all our bodies systems. So it naturally heals and lessens pain.
    Great article Wayne!
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Thank you Ariel for all your great comments. Yes, I think if more drivers would try this out they would find out how well it could benefit them. Would like for everyone to at least give it a thirty-day trial. I believe it would make the miles a lot easier. Thanks and stay in touch.

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