Have you had a Truck Driving job for a while? If you have been driving for a year or two the opportunities now are big trucksunlimited. Companies all over the United States are looking for Truck Drivers. With the ELD Mandate (Electronic Logging Devices), the governments’ new tax plan, and all the other new technology, companies are demanding drivers!

The benefits and pay will probably be better than at any other time. Truck manufacturers are upgrading their trucks for more driver comforts and companies are buying them, in the hopes of attracting new drivers. Due to the shortage of drivers freight rates are increasing, making it one of the most prosperous times for owner/operators. With the shortage of drivers, there is no reason for anyone to be sitting in the truck stop waiting for a load!

OTR Truck Driving Jobs

I know when I was driving I was always looking for a better company or better pay. If you have a year or two under your belt, have a good driving record, you are in a good position to insist on better pay and benefits. It is just a good idea before one starts looking for a job, to be sure of the type of driving job they want. Do you want dry van, flatbed, or a refrigerated van? Do you mind being away from home two, three or four weeks? Some single people don’t mind being away from home for months at a time.

What benefits do you want? Some people want to have scheduled time off and regular vacation time. It is always a good idea to check into retirement plans or pensions. A person also wants to check into the type of supervisors he or she may be working with. Are they honest and trustworthy? Will they do what they tell you they are going to do?

When you are checking into over the road jobs, there are a lot of things to look into. The best way is to have a good honest interview with the company supervisors. Let them know exactly what you expect from the company and find out what they expect from you.

The trucking industry has always had a problem with driver turnover and a lot of it due to drivers not asking the proper questions and company supervisors not be truthful with the prospective employee. The expectations of the drivers and supervisors are overlooked a lot of times and are not talked about in a job interview.

Company Truck Driving Jobscompany trucks

There are many types of company driving jobs and before you start looking, write down the type of job you would like to have. If you want to haul refrigerated freight than talk to a reputable refrigerated carrier and there are many. Check into the ones that have a good history. Talk to the other drivers that are already employed by that company and get a good idea of what the company is like.

The same holds true if you decide you would like a flatbed or just a regular dry van job. Keep in mind refrigerated freight and livestock hauling are very time sensitive, in other words, things have to be kept pretty much on schedule. Maybe you would like to get into the flatbed business. There are flatbed and drop deck jobs that pay pretty good money these days. Drop decks are the lower trailers that normally haul oversize or overweight loads.

When you get into the oversize or overweight loads you are sometimes designated a particular route you must be on by the state in which you are in. A lot of times it is regulated at which times you can operate (no driving at night), or if you can go through a major city.

Then there are companies that haul hazardous materials, which can be anything from chemicals, gasoline, explosive, or radioactive materials. These require a driver to take an additional test about the hazards of hauling these type loads. doublesGenerally, they pay a little more money and they to are regulated as to the routes you can be on.

We can also cover doubles and triple trailer operations. This type of driving job is mainly dry freight or less than truckload (LTL) carriers. These also are run on a time schedule, especially when you talk about air freight. Generally taking two trailers from city to city and dropping at a terminal for someone else to deliver in the city. These type of driving jobs also require an additional test or an endorsement on your CDL.

These are just some types of driving jobs a person can have, but you have to determine which type of job you would like. Talk to other drivers about the type of work and the companies you are thinking about going to work for. Always do a thorough research of the company you are thinking about going to work for.

Owner/Operatorsoversize loads

Do you think you would like to become an owner/operator? Some may ask “what is an owner/operator”? Well, I can do a little explaining. Do you want to buy a truck? Just remember when you buy the truck you own it! All the expenses associated with it are yours! All those expenses you didn’t think about when you were driving that other persons’ truck, will be yours now and they are:

  • Truck Payments
  • Insurance Payments and sometimes cargo insurance
  • Fuel taxes – different with each state
  • All tolls
  • All the fuel you buy – and if you are in the refrigerated business – most time you pay the refer fuel
  • If you decide to go the flatbed route – all the expenses associated with chains, binders, straps, tarps and any other tie down you may need
  • Sometimes if you are in the oversized business – all expenses associated with oversize permits – expenses associated with escort services if needed
  • Don’t forget – tires and all maintenance
  • Don’t forget – all tax compliance forms and income tax preparation

Yes, when you are an owner/operator, it’s all on you. It is very important, that when you are looking for a company to partner with as an owner/operator that you get as much information about the company as possible and talk to as many other drivers with that company, about that company!


Truck Driving Job Opportunities

As I have said before driving jobs are limitless these days. As the economy comes back more freight is going to have to be hauled. With the popularity of online shopping, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many more –  more and more packages are going to be delivered.

With the implementation of the ELD mandate, everyone is going to have to run legal, this may lead to more companies hiring team drivers in order to get the produce and livestock delivered on time. The same holds true for overnight delivery companies like Fed-Ex, the Postal Service, and UPS.

This should all lead to much better freight rates for owner/operators and companies, which in turn should lead to better pay and benefits for company drivers.

The only problem I can see is the advancements in technology are going to leave a lot of drivers behind. Drivers are going to have to educate themselves on all these new inventions. Just as mechanics have to keep abreast of new engines and engine components, drivers are going to have to stay ahead.


Drivers are going to have to embrace the new technology in order to get and stay employed in the trucking industry. Those that do should have a very profitable career ahead of them.

Autonomous trucks are coming, it’s just a matter of how long. I don’t think drivers have a thing to worry about, as far as employment.

Just as computers were supposed to cut down on paperwork, years ago, they did the opposite. Just as self-driving trucks are going to cut down on the number of drivers that are needed, it will be the opposite! Someone is going to be needed to make sure all those trucks are going in the right direction and staying on the road.

People that learn this new technology will have no problem finding work in the future and they will be paid well to do it!!

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  1. I must say that there has been an abound of knowledge that I have gained moving forward in your very informing and captivating article about how to find truck driving jobs. As I have entered into my later season of the workforce, it has come to my mind several time’s, and I have even applied with larger local and OTR outfit’s. It seem’s that many companies are seeking older inexperienced dependable driver’s to train as well. I have heard as you have said once you get a year or two under your belt with the ELD mandate, you can almost name your ticket with confidence. Very interesting read with the thought’s of being tech savvy as well in this industry, however, it is getting like that everywhere. Once again thank you for the great insight, and perhaps I will see you soon, Jack

    1. THX Jack for the comments. As you say all industries are needing tech savvy people. That is why I promote Wealthy Affiliate, as it teaches a lot about the new technology today! God Bless!  Wayne

      Wayne Towns

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