Most Americans ( Sixty-Two percent) have only $1,000 in a Savings Account. If you are earning $60,000 at age 60, you should have $360,000 in your retirement account to maintain the current lifestyle you have. Unfortunately, most people in their 60s have only $172,000 saved for retirement. Most Americans between 55 and 64 have only $104,000 in a retirement account. That would translate to about $310.00 per month. The average Social Security Check is about $1300.00 per month. The average truck driver, after thirty years of driving, has a Social Security of only $1610.00 a month. Is this enough for you to live on? I want to talk a little about Dividend Investing for Beginners. I think this would be an ideal way for Truck Drivers to create a worry-free retirement plan! Hold on here, a lot of numbers, but I know you all are all good at numbers.

Market Averages

In 1984 the Dow Jones Industrial average was at 1284. The S&P was at 181, and the NASDAQ was at 284. Now you are going to ask, what’s this have to do with the price of corn in Iowa? Well nothing really, but I just wanted to bring this up because now the DJIA is about 24,000, for an increase of about 1740%, the S&P is at 2600 for an increase of about 1330%, and the NASDAQ is at 6400 to an approximate rise of 2200%! We have to remember the down times of 1987, 1990, 2000, and 2003, where the Dow fell around 30% that year alone. These increases had come about in spite of these crashes, flash crashes, and all the other downs when everyone predicted the end of the world.

Young – Not Real Smart

In 1984, I was a healthy, hardworking young man, 31 years old and knew everything there was to know in this world. The only thing I worried about was if my paycheck on Friday was big enough to get me through the next week. Had no thoughts of investing, saving, or any other way to make money. My thoughts on the Stock Market were only about the crash of 1929, where I had visions of people jumping out of the upper floors of the buildings on Wall Street after they had lost all their money. I didn’t want any part of that. My Dad always told me, “keep your nose clean, your head down, work hard, and you’ll get ahead in this world.”

I look back and try to think of ways to teach my children about money, investing, saving, or working for yourself. Not just teaching my children, but all young people and young Truck Drivers, because when you think about it, a tiny percentage of our population knows about money, capitalism and the way our economy works.

Aha, the Good Days!

In 1984:

Exxon was $5.33 per share

McDonald’s was $2.66 per share

Pepsi was $2.04 per share

Boeing was $6.59 per share

AT&T was $4.77 per share

I pick these stocks because they are good solid companies and pay good Dividends that have steadily risen over the years. They have been in the Dow for quite some time and as you all know the DJIA is only made up of 30 top-rated stocks. When we say the Dow has increased 1740% since 1984, we are basing it on the performance of these 30 stocks. When you talk about Dividend Investing for Beginners, these would be ideal stocks to look into. They would be good for Truck Drivers because all you need to do is invest a little money, sit back and watch it grow!

Great Returns

If someone had sat me down and talked to me about this, I could have, throughout the year (1984) come up with $500.00 to invest in these stocks, $100.00 each. One Hundred dollars in Exxon would have gotten me 19 shares, the same amount in McDonald’s would have gotten me 37 shares, Pepsi would have been 49 shares, Boeing would have been 15 shares, and AT&T should have gotten me 21 shares. Keep in mind these are not exact numbers; I am rounding numbers to illustrate my thoughts. I am NOT RECOMMENDING any of these stock for you to invest in, I don’t want to end up in jail!

Exxon stock price today – $82.25 – now worth approximately $1583.84

McDonald’s stock price today – $172.44 – now worth approximately $6380.28

Pepsi stock quote today – $117.87 – now worth approximately $5777.10

Boeing stock price today – $281.43 – now worth approximately $4221.45

AT&T stock quote today – $36.21 – now worth approximately $760.41

Five hundred dollars in 1984 would be worth about $18,723.08 now. All these companies have paid consistent Dividends throughout the years, and there have been numerous stock splits. If I had taken my $500.00 then and reinvested all dividend payouts, these stocks could now be $25,000 easily. I use this as a basis to help people learn about investing. We are talking about 33 years here, plenty of time to add a little each year, and I am sure this could easily be $500,000 now.

A Truck Drivers Guide

I know Truck Drivers are busy with the day to day operation of their businesses and all the problems associated with getting their loads down the road. Most company drivers have access to 401K plans; investment counselors will always encourage a person to start contributing to a retirement plan as soon as possible. As you can see from above, a small amount each month can turn into a lot over the years. If you are not well-educated in the Stock Market, just put your money into a managed 401K account and contribute some every month. A good rule is ten percent of your gross salary. Most companies will match your contributions. Different companies have different percentage levels for their matches.

Owner/Operators can set up their retirement accounts. There are many online investment firms, and you can get started with very little money at first. You can set these up and have someone else manage them, or you can control them yourself. Just be sure to pay attention to fees associated when trading your positions.


People today can’t depend on Social Security, the Government or anyone else. Sometime down the road, our Government is going to pay back this massive debt it has accumulated, and we are the ones who will pay the price. I urge everyone young and old to study our economy and investments. There is a ton of information on the Internet to learn about investing.

What about starting a part-time home business while still on the road? With MY Daily Choice, all one needs is a good smartphone to get my daily choicestarted and earn a part-time income. You have the opportunity to start while on the road, so when you finally retire you can build up the income to a full-time retirement income. Using this system there are many that have been able to retire early; with the extra income and Social Security, it makes for a pretty good income. Ask me HOW? 

Five Hundred dollars alone turned into $18,000 in thirty-three years. I look forward to hearing from you!!  Please Comment!!










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