my pillowI know a lot of you know about MyPillow and you want to know “what has this to do with trucking”? I am certain you have noticed the Pillow man on TV. Some of you may be like me when I initially heard about MyPillow. My feelings were, we currently have thousands of pillows on the market, just what makes this one so special? This pillow is tough and will last all the abuse that a truck driver could put it through. If you are running team with your wife, she will love you for getting this, because it is the most comfortable pillow on the market.

Mike Lindell, the Inventor, Manufacturer, and CEO of MyPillow began in 2004 and the company is located in Chaska, MN. Many of you may know that it was not easy going for Mike, at the start, and a lot of highs and lows. In spite of it all, the company has developed from five employees in 2004 to 1500 employees in 2017. My Pillow is an open-cell, poly-foam pillow design,and they have distributed over 30 million pillows

How is My Pillow Manufactured

If you are searching for discounted home goods, this is definitely not the pillow to purchase. For the quality of workmanship which is in this pillow, when compared to the price, then it might be regarded as a discount. My Pillow is a patented design, including a mix of different-sized pieces of open-cell-poly-foam. Mike was not intending to stop until he had what he thought to be the most useful product and he tested 94 various foams before figuring out on the right one.

The components are shredded to specifications by a machine Mike constructed, structured on a piece of farm equipment. The combination also contains a resin that permits the foam to keep much of its shape. These pillows are non-allergenic, dust mite tolerant, washable, and dryable.

Mike Lindell established My Pillow because he just couldn’t get a great nights sleep on a regular pillow. In 2004, he had a dream about a pillow he called “My Pillow”. Several years were spent trying to make the perfect pillow, which comprised night after night of shredding and inserting foam. Mike even figured out how to sew. At last, he developed what he considered the “best pillow in the world” and took it to Bed, Bath and Beyond. They were not impressed.

So Mike began selling his pillow at local shopping centers. Sales were not great, but one of his buyers was impressed and was connected to the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, and invited Mike to have a booth. Purchases from the show were so good that Mike was able to begin selling pillows from his home, atfairs, and craft shows around the country. Everything was beginning to look good for Mike, but turned sour in a hurry!

The Beginning of MyPillowmy Pillow factory

Mike began abusing cocaine and crack cocaine about this time. His drug abuse resulted in the loss of his marriage and their house. He nearly lost his Pillow business. His crack cocaine use was so bad that through one period he was up for nearly fourteen days straight. Drug dealers ultimately declined to sell Mike drugs out of concern for his life.

In the video below you will see some of what Mike Lindell has completed in his life and how I think the story of Mike and MyPillow is perhaps more important than how great this product is.


Not only has Mike developed a fantastic product, he has also developed a company that his employees are pleased to work for. The company has produced an atmosphere of competitiveness and cooperation. When there are a lot of orders to fill, the environment is fast paced and when things slow down then everything more relaxed. The overall atmosphere is relaxed and people enjoy working there. When you have satisfied workers making an awesome product, then the end result is a great product.

Is My Pillow for Truckersasleep in the cloud

Of course, everyone is not the same and no one pillow will work for all of us. These used to be my thoughts until MyPillow came along. There are all kinds of pillows out there that say they will take care of all kinds of sleep problems. There are pillows for snorers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

My wife had some neck problems years ago, she pulled some muscles in her neck lifting some boxes above her head. The doctor recommends this special pillow that she slept on for years. This pillow helped a little, but it was not until about a year ago that we purchased the MyPillow that her problems were completely taken care of.

At the time we noticed the two for one special MyPillow was having at that time, so we purchased them. Thanks to Mike’s patience in developing this pillow, we have both slept really good. After my twenty-five + years bouncing up and down in these trucks, I have no doubt this pillow will work for a Truck Driver and especially for those running a team operation.

On one website there are 17 groups of specialty pillows, like ear pillows, breast pillows, and an additional pillow called a husband pillow? Research in 2007 reported that a pillow even an inch high could result in neck and back pain and decrease sleep quality in elderly adults.

If you sleep on your back – you want a medium-firm pillow

If you sleep on your side – you need a more firm pillow to help the top of your shoulders

If you sleep on your stomach – you really want a soft thin pillow

A sleep study completed in Sweden on 400 women confirmed that 75% of women 55 to 75, had sleep apnea. Many of these are just a few of the things that are talked about by different pillow makers. Why not just get one pillow manufactured for almost all of these situations?

The open cell poly foam that is inside My Pillow will take the concerns of keeping your head, neck, and spine in alignment while you sleep, no matter which way you sleep. With the 60-day money back guarantee and 10-year warranties, I don’t believe a person can go wrong with this pillow! Are these pillows for trukers? Yes! This is a great pillow for everyone!

Other Merchandisemy pillow for dogs

MyPillow is not simply pillows anymore. They have broadened to many more products, Pillow Cases, Bed Sheets, My Pillow Mattress, Mattress Topper and they actually make Pet Beds, all at awesome prices. They are always running specials such as the one now, 50% off, two regular pillows and two go anywhere pillows. The four-pack special. Then there is 30% off the 3″ Mattress Topper and two standard MyPillows.

My Summary

I don’t think anyone can go wrong here. This is a great product and a well-run company. MyPillow generously donated over 60,000 pillows to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and has donated 45,000 pillows to the Pillows for Corwin cause. Corwin Johnson had a fantasy of donating pillows to people in need, but died tragically, before he could satisfy his dream.

Mike Lindell has also developed the Lindell Foundation. The Lindell Foundation was introduced because Mike was tired of the corruptness involved in big charities. 100% of the money donated moves directly to those in need, by letting donors select which need to give to and by detailing to the donors how their donations altered the lives of the people they donated to.

Through all his highs and lows Mike has created a great product and an awesome company that he is proud of. You and your spouse will benefit from these products for the rest of your lives and I think you will be very satisfied and proud of your purchases. I encourage everyone checks into these great deals!

Don’t miss out on the specials now – 50% off two regular pillows and two go anywhere pillows or 30% off the 3″ Mattress Topper! Get two for your sleeper and two for when you are at home!!

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