Everyone has heard of My Pillow but has anyone talked about truck pillows. I am not just talking about just any regular old pillow. We are talking about a sturdy, well-made, truck pillow. While we are talking about pillows, let us talk about the best pillow top mattress topper. My Pillow mattress toppers are the most comfortable mattress toppers on the planet and if anyone can put them to the test a team of truck drivers can. Think of the roughest road in the U. S, and there are many, while your co-driver is at the wheel you will be sleeping on the best pillow top mattress topper. Go all the way across Pennsylvania sleeping like a baby.

Some History                                                                                         my pillow specials

In his teenage years, Mike Lindell had problems sleeping. He went through most of his young life, trying every pillow on the market, but nothing worked. One night Mike had a dream; it was the idea of inventing the greatest pillow.

It took several years of experimenting and testing to complete the perfect pillow. That is one that Mike Lindell was content with, and Mike was not going to stop until he delivered the perfect pillow. After he had developed his pillow, he went to major boxed stores expecting that they would want to carry his product. Mike was turned down by every one of them.

From 2005 to 2011 Mike spent time traveling from fairs, home shows and expos demonstrating his new merchandise for the customers to see in person. He loved showing his pillows to people, and people could see how passionate Mike was about his new product. On January 3d, 2011 a human-interest story about My Pillow was featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Because of the interest in the story, Mike wrote his ad. His ad was an instant success.

By the end of 2012 business had expanded and was going so well that the company had to extend the call center from a small schoolhouse to a corporate building. Manufacturing went from a local bus shed to a warehouse of over 30,000 sq. Ft.

The Mike Lindell Story

Mike Lindell is an American dream come true. Through years of betrayal, adversity, drug abuse, no money and no credit, he was able to create a booming business. Mike tells the story of his life hoping it will inspire people to overcome their struggles in life, no matter how sad and focus on success.

Thought we would write a little about the history of MyPillow, as it demonstrates the quality of their products. Knowing how hard it is getting some sleep on the road, I think this is an excellent product for drivers mainly if they are running team and even for single drivers. I know with all the noise and the roughness of the ride, bouncing up and down in that sleeper, it is almost impossible to get any sleep. We would think a My Pillow and a My Pillow Mattress Topper would improve everything dramatically. Here are some of the Pillow Specials going on right now!

My Pillow Mattress Topperbest pillow top mattress topper

The 3″ My Pillow Mattress Topper is made up of 3 different layers.

Layer 1 – My Pillow patented foam, in a thick piece, presents superior comfort and strength

Layer 2 – Transitional foam presents optimal comfort, evenly disperses body weight and helps alleviate pressure points

Layer 3 – Spread made from Phase Change Material to preserve your body temperature managed during the night, in the winter and even the summer

Additional My Pillow Mattress Topper Facts

  • Zippered Removable Cover is washable and dryable
  • Four corner straps to secure your topper in position
  • Never any wires, remotes or moving pieces
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • 10-Year Warranty!

The My Pillow Mattress Topper comes in many sizes, one for your sleeper and one for at home.

Twin (37.5″ x 74.5″ X 3″)
Twin XL (37.5″ x 79.5″ X 3″)
Full (53.5″ X 74.5″ X 3″)
Queen (59.5″ X 79.5″ X 3″)
RV Queen (59.5″ X 73.5″ X 3″)
King (75.5″ X 79.5″ X 3″)
California King (71.5″ X 83.5″ X 3″)

My Pillow Pillowsmy pillow mattress topper review

The Pillow Specials going on now are the 30% off the Pillow Mattress Topper and two free Standard My Pillow. Here are some of the statistics on these exceptional pillows.

  • 100% cotton ticking
  • Constructed with our patented interlocking fill
  • Conforms to your exact personal needs
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Built in the U.S.A.
  • Standard/Queen – 16.5 ” x 26″ + 2″
  • The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow™

Roll & Go Travel Pillowsmy pillow specials

Another excellent product for truckers and a truckers sleep would be the Roll and Go Travel Pillows. Another great item to think about, at an exceptional My Pillow Price. Some benefits of having the Roll and Go Travel Pillows are a person can use it for travel by plane, train, automobile and even in your big truck. They can be rolled and folded into any shape. Provides lumbar support while you are bouncing up and down in that seat. It works in the sleeper, on a couch or in a passenger seat. Great for camping under the stars or if your wife kicks you off the truck and it provides pelvic support when placed between your knees. The Roll and Go Travel Pillow is only 12″ by 18,” and with the Pillow, promo code is only $24.99.

The Four Pack Specialmy pillow price

Another of My Pillow Specials is the two Premium Bed Pillows and two GoAnywhere Pillows. The GoAnywhere Pillow is the smaller pillow that can be used in the car on short trips. These pillows are made with the same products and the same care that is given to the premium pillows. All these pillows have the My Pillow ten-year warranty and the sixty-day money back guarantees. People can save 50% on these pillows with your promo code, which you can obtain just by logging into the website. The Queen pillows are on sale now for $99.98. That is the four pack special for this low price. The King size is $109.98.

Pet Bedsmy pillow pet pillow

Don’t forget about the little guy! Who would have thought a Pet Bed, but My Pillow has them. The Pet Bed features interlocking fill, which keeps the Pet cool and comfortable. The outer shell is removable to make it easy to clean.

Made in the U.S.A. and has unparalleled durability with My Pillow ten-year limited warranty. Several colors to choose from, plaid on one side and paw prints on the other. Save 30% – As low as $27.99 with promo code!

In Summary

I do not think, at this time, a person can find a better offer. These pillows are something that should make life more comfortable on the road. My Pillow is the most durable, best-made products available today and with the Pillow Price that we can get, a person can not go wrong. Click on the banner below to get some of these fabulous pillows.

Thank you for reading my short review and please leave your Comments below.

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