Yes, winter is around the corner as most of you that are from the United States know! Where can we find the best winter online winter clothingclothes for men or the best winter clothes for women? I know we talk about this every winter, but it seems the winters are getting different and are very unpredictable these days. We can talk about that at a later date, but I think all of you have to agree that the last few years the winters have not been what they used to be.

Does that mean we are in for a change? Possibly, and that is why everyone should be ready for anything. I can still recall seeing cowboys from Texas in Montana in the dead of winter with nothing but their cowboy boots, jeans, and t-shirts. Maybe a cowboy hat and cursing the cold weather with a statement like “I don’t see why anybody would live in a place like this.” With that in mind, here is a short review of great winter clothes from Amazon and Cat Footwear.

When we talk about online shopping Amazon can’t be beaten; would you agree? Especially for truck drivers as you can order your stuff online and it is pretty much guaranteed it will be delivered to your house by the time you get home. What if it doesn’t fit you may ask? I have never had a problem returning items from Amazon. Send them an email, and they will send you a return sticker, you put it on the package and drop it at the UPS store before you leave. It doesn’t get any easier than that, eh, as they say in Canada?

Insulated Coats for Men

Eddie Bauer manufacturers and sells some of the most immeasurable outdoor clothing made today. The company was founded in 1920 by Eddie Bauer an outdoors man and guide. He opened the company’s first Sports Shop in downtown Seattle and soon after started selling the Skyliner Jacket in 1940; this the first patented down jacket in America.

Since then Eddie Bauer has manufactured outdoor clothing for the military, first team expedition to the South Pole, first American ascent of Mt. Everest, and has won fifteen industry product awards throughout the years. Today, Eddie Bauer proceeds to create unique, innovative products worn and examined by a world-class team of guides and athletes all over the globe.

Here are some tremendous insulated coats for men from Eddie Bauer available on Amazon and if they can withstand the sub-zero temperatures of Canada, they should be able to keep you warm in the winter anywhere in the U.S.


Insulated Coats for Women

I know we have a lot more women driving the big rigs these days, so I put together some winter wear for women from Eddie Bauer that is available on Amazon. Melissa Arnot, an outdoor guide from Montana, has tested coats and outdoor clothing for Eddie Bauer for over nine years; I would say they keep her warm in any weather.


Men Insulated Winter Bootscat footwear

Cat Footwear makes some of the best footwear on the market. If you would like a well-built, insulated, waterproof boot than these boots are highly recommended. One such boot is the Diagnostic Work Boot that is made for your body supporting the natural movement of your foot. The boot is waterproof and insulated with 200 grams of thermal technology, guaranteeing you stay dry, warm, and comfortable. These feature Cat’s special rubber that dramatically reduces the risk of slips and falls.

For someone that runs a lot in the north, the Alaska 2.0 eight inches waterproof TX steel toe work boot comes highly recommended. This boot is a rebuilt version of famous Alaska with new features for added comfort. The boot features the exclusive EASE dual density footbed which is lightweight and comfortable and coupled with a cushioned midsole material to support the daily beating your feet take. And, as comfortable as this boot is, it is as durable. Constructed with the strength o Goodyear welt which provides long-term durability, it also features a slip-resistant outsole that is stable and delivers exceptional grip on a variety of surfaces.

Women Insulated Winter Bootswomens footwear

Cat Footwear also makes some outstanding insulated winter boots for women. The Superstat Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot is one of Cats premier work boots for women. It is made with Ease comfort cushioning, the most comfortable midsole and footbed material and waterproof to keep your feet dry. The Ease comfort system is 30% more shock-absorbing, 15% lighter and 15% more durable than standard EVA.

What about the women’s Echo Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot? This boot is made with the heaviest of industrial applications in mind; this steel toe boot is engineered using Cat Footwear’s patent-pending technology, giving work boot durability with athletic shoe comfort, for excellent coverage and protection. The interior support of the boot is evident with its breathable lining and sock liner, and the added shock absorption of the midsole. You are fully protected with waterproof uppers, and the technical features, such as electrical hazard security and slip resistant characteristics.

These are just four boots of countless that are available and highly recommended on the Cat Footwear website. I urge clicking on the banner below and check all the boot and online winter clothing that Cat has to offer. These boots are some excellently constructed and the longest lasting boot available. Ideal for any job in any weather.

CAT Footwear (UK) Wolverine Europe Retail Ltd

Buy Emergency Food

Eddie Bauer and Cat Footwear have all the necessary things to keep you warm in case of an emergency, such as a break-down in the winter or having to shut down for two or three days because of bad weather. With all the trucks we have on the road now it could be impossible to get into a truck stop or find a safe place to park in case of bad weather. No one likes to think about being caught in a natural disaster, but what about being trapped in an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane? As an over the road truck driver one has to be prepared for all kinds of natural disasters, adverse weather or even getting stuck behind a major accident and having to shut down for several hours.

Amazon has several emergency food kits that one can purchase and store in your truck for any difficulty you may encounter. You can buy packages for one or two people and one for three or five days of food. A lot of this would depend on where you run, but it is recommended that you prepare for all situations, especially if you run to Canada and the lower 48.

The Complete Earthquake Bag is the Most Popular Emergency kit for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, floods + Other disasters and it is just one of the many Emergency kits available from Amazon. These kits are also available for one to six people plus they are stocked with enough food for three days. Go ahead and look at all the choices to see which one will suit your needs. Not only are these good for emergencies but for snacking while driving. Better and healthier than lunch meat or candy bars.



A driver can never be over-prepared, but it is always possible to be under-prepared. One never knows when something is going to happen, but with the new technology for predicting the weather, GPS systems for traffic, and instant communication with dispatchers and other drivers, there is no reason a driver should be under-prepared in case of an emergency. Go ahead now and order the products you need so as not to worry later on in the year. Check out all the winter clothing sales now and purchase your goods before they go up in price, or become hard to find.

Thank You for reading my short article and Please Comment below!!

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  1. I live in Kansas and I know winter is definitely on its way, but it winter around here sure hasn’t been what it used to be. Still though, cold snaps will happen and I want to have the clothing to be prepared for that. My first order of business though is that I want to get some good quality winter boots and I love the look of the Cat Footwear boots. It’s good to know that they are waterproof and have excellent insulation. Can you buy them on Amazon?

    1. Hey Brian, Thanks for your comments and yes I know how the winters can get in Kansas. Wind blowing all that snow around can get pretty rough. As far as Cat Footwear on Amazon I am not sure, I have never found any on there that I thought was authentic. The Cat Footwear that I have on this website is from Europe but they provide great service and you can order just like you do here with your credit card; they will convert to their currency automatically. Hope this helps and Thanks!!

  2. I was raised in a trucking family, I have uncles, cousins and my father who were all long distance truckers. I know it can be a hard life, my Dad is long retired but still remembers many harrowing stories from his days on the road. It would seem to be a good idea to wear layers too, so you can ‘peel’ off one layer or add another depending on where you wind up. The temperatures are extremely different from one end of the country to the other. Of course I am sure the truck is nice and cozy, so you’ll not want to be wearing heavy clothing while driving. Keeping an emergency food pack is a great idea too, I have often thought of keeping one in our car, just in case but was not sure about what things to include. I am going to check out the emergency pack you suggested. Keep on trucking safely! 

    1. Thank you Madeleine, enjoyed your comments. From talking to your uncles and cousins you know the different types off weather truckers deal with every year. They have probably talked to you at some time about the importance of enough food and clothing, in case you become stranded on the road. Yes I would recommend anyone that does a lot of winter driving to at least carry a three day supply of emergency food. Thanks and hope to talk soon!

  3. I enjoyed your post, Wayne, and am right there with you on having the proper clothing for cold weather.  Having lived in England, Wyoming, North Dakota, Maine, and Germany while serving in the USAF, and then Indiana after I retired, cold weather can be really miserable if you aren’t prepared for it with the proper clothing.

    I have shopped Amazon and Eddie Bauer both over the years for myself and my wife, all completely satisfied.

    One of my Gravatars is a selfie of me returning to the house after feeding my horses–minus 13 degrees wind chill!!!  I now reside in Florida :-).  Everyone can’t do that, though, so the next best thing is to take advantage of the information that you have provided.

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks for you comments Joejr, sounds as if you have lived in many cold places and have a lot of experience with cold weather. I see you decided to stay warm for the rest of your life? When you tell people from Florida about -13 wind chill they don’t really understand how cold that is! Thanks and hope to talk soon.

  4. This is an excellent post at a time as this as we are looking forward to winter any time soon. Those winter coats look very warm by the look of it. Even the CAT boots are looking very strong and protective on all weather and conditions. 

    If I may ask, what is the cost of these boots on amazon? Atleast the price for the coats is visible but I think it’s like you forgot to indicate for the boots. 

    Even though I don’t stay in any of those places hardly hit by winter and natural disasters, I can tell these are the best products for such conditions.

    1. Thanks for your comments! I am not sure you can get the authentic Cat Boots on Amazon. The Cat Footwear that I have here is from Europe and they provide great service when you order online. Their products are well built and you get the same guarantees. You can order with your credit card and they will convert the money over automatically. Best to You and hope to talk soon!


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