We all go through life thinking – What is a successful person or how do we define a successful person. People want to be successful in their lives. Likewise, a person likes to be respected, but how is that determined. Everyone has a different idea of what a respected person is, or better yet how do you make yourself feel respected? How can we find out if a company is successful? Do you think the company you work for is respected? How is a person liked – Do you feel you are loved? Is the company you work for desire?


The definition of success: achieving or having achieved success/having attained wealth/ position, honors, or the like.resulting in or attended with success.

That being the definition of success, everyone interprets it differently. You can be successful if you set goals in your life and you attain those goals. A drug addict might be successful if he can get his daily fix! The same goes for an alcoholic in getting his regular shot of whiskey. If your children are brought up without too many problems and move on to a successful job, then you can say you were a successful parent. If you attend church and are a good upstanding member of the community, then you could consider yourself successful.

Everyone has their definition of success and the way you interpret someones else’s success changes with each person. I, for instance, might look at the alcoholic, and judge him to be successful because he accomplished his goal for the day. You might not think that too much of an accomplishment.

Successful companies to work for is something we all could probably agree with how they treat their employees as being the most significant subject — the other things we check on our pay and benefits. Successful companies are also profitable. They show a profit every month. Otherwise, they would not be in business very long. How do they treat their stockholders – do they pay dividends? It is not hard to define a successful company. They usually have the most satisfied employees, the best-paid employees, and happy customers.


The definition of respect: esteem for a sense of worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality, or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a particular class or talent.

One could say respect is earned. A person who is respected, more than likely, has been around for a few years and has built up respect. People are recognized because they are trusted and are steadfast in what they believe. Sports figures are respected for their accomplishments in their particular sport. Most quarterbacks gain respect after they have won a Super Bowl.

It is the same with large corporations and companies. Those that have been in business for a few years and are successful have built up respect. A company could not be respected, but still be successful. Let’s say a company that does not pay its employees very well or treats them poorly, but always makes a profit, may not be respected. Or Let’s say they don’t contribute to the community, more than likely they will not be appreciated. That is to say, a company that is contributing to the betterment of the society, treats its employees well, and makes a good profit, is more than likely respected.


The definition of like: corresponding or agreeing in general or in some noticeable respect; similar; analogous.

Do you know someone you don’t like? Yes, there are a lot of people that are not loved. Is it important? Most people want to be desired. Can you like someone and not respect them? I think we can. You may wish to be around someone, have fun talking to them or have fun being around them. You could say you liked them, but you may not respect them, because of something that has happened in their past or the way they treat other people.

It is the same as a company or a large corporation. People might like working for a company because of comfortable supervisors, good pay, or a lot of benefits. The company may not be successful because they don’t make a good profit, or they mistreat their customers. They may be liked by their employees, but not respected in the community for various reasons. If a company is going to be successful, it must be liked by the people who work there. If a company is going to be respected, it must be loved in the community and by the people who work there.

All Together

john wayne

You may be asking, What is this about? I guess what I am saying is that, if a company is successful, it doesn’t necessarily need to be liked. It doesn’t have to be respected to be loved. A company can still be appreciated but not desired, and we go around and around. It is tough to find a person, a company, or a large corporation that has all three traits.

We could look at someone like John Wayne, who was liked, successful, and very respected. Take Ronald Reagan, very successful, not loved by quite a few, but he was respected because of was steadfast in his views and ideas of the world. Then we have some of our famous actors or musicians, very successful and liked. Some of them were not very well respected because of their treatment of the public or their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

My Conclusion

The rise in the number of people who are working from home now could be because it is so hard to find good companies to work for; companies that have all three of the traits I have described. The evolution of technology and the rapid rise of the internet have made it very easy for people to work at home. A person can’t be held at fault if they don’t want to get up and fight the traffic to and from work every day. Then, after being in traffic all the way to work they work with people they can’t get along with or don’t like.

The internet has also led to a lot of fraud and mistrust. There are a lot of scams now and a lot of people advertising companies to work for, from home that is not reputable or credible. Working from home has a lot of advantages, no boss standing over you, take breaks when you want, or go to the store if need be, and come back and finish your work.

I know a lot of older Truck Drivers and a lot of other people, who are tired of fighting the everyday grind and the hassle of getting up and going to work. They can’t find a reputable or respected company to work with.

I have come across an organization that is successful, respected and liked, at least by everyone involved. An opportunity where you can work from anywhere you want – on the beach – in the mountains – or at home – as long as you have a laptop and the internet. Wealthy Affiliate is a group of likable people that enjoy what they do and are ready to help at a moments notice.

After many years of searching, this is the most successful and respected organization I have come across!! Someone like me who had minimal computer experience they were able to lead me in the right direction to set up this Website.



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  1. I agree with you Wayne that the definition of success really does depend on the person.
    Many people work their whole lives being “successfully employed” only to learn that their retirement savings are tiny…. way to small in fact to support them in retirement.
    I also agree with a comment that you made about the rise of the number of people who are working from home now could be because it is so hard to find good companies to work for.
    I believe you when you said you know a lot of older Truck Drivers and a lot of other people, who are tired of fighting the everyday grind and the hassle of getting up and going to work. I think working from home could be a great thing for them. Do you agree?

    1. Thank You Glenys for visiting my Website, your comments are most appreciated!
      I had to quit driving because of a major illness, but I remember prior to that how tired I was of the day to day grind.I guess having my medical problems was a blessing in some ways, as I was able to learn about Wealthy Affiliate.
      And yes I am trying to encourage drivers to join Wealthy Affiliate. People to start part-time now and when they get off the road they will have a pretty good income to supplement any retirement pensions they may have. Thank you, Glenys, stay in touch!

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