Wild BlueberriesBack in the good ole days, before the DOT became wise to all the ways we could falsify Log Books and the way companies would run us if we wanted to run a lot of miles, a truck driver, needless to say, did not eat very well. We were not very concerned about our health or if we ever slept properly. I used to make time for a big ole greasy breakfast and the rest of the day was spent munching on crackers, chips and candy bars. There were not a lot of options to buy healthy food or snacks.

I came across an organization, about a month ago, Traverse Bay Farms. They have an assortment of juices, fruit capsules, dried fruit, and many more healthy snacks and supplements. All based on the antioxidant benefits of fruit. I wish, I had known about them when I was driving, I might have avoided some health issues I had in my older years.

Tart Cherries,Blueberries, Pomegranate
Traverse Bay Farms was started by Jennifer LaPointe, a stay-home-mom who was looking for a better way to encourage her family to eat healthier, in spite of a busy schedule!

She visited local farm markets to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. During these visits, Jennifer discovered the health benefits of fruit and the idea of starting a gourmet fruit business took root.

The company is currently driven by Jennifer to be the leader in the “Fruit for a Healthy You” business.Traverse Bay Farms


How out products are made

Traverse Bay Farms Location

Raspberries, Fruit Juice, Fruit Capsules

I snack on their Organic Fruits throughout the day. They are tasty and better than a cracker or candy bar and I have started taking a couple of their supplements. I can tell I have definitely started feeling better since I got away from those greasy snacks and sugary candy bars. I encourage you to check out their Website and read about all the products they have. They also have an assortment of books about the products they offer and the health benefits of their juices, fruit capsules, and dried fruit. Comments welcome about the product!! 


  1. What an interesting website and article about Traverse Bay Farms.
    Anti-oxidants are so important to our health, the benefits are absolutely amazing. And they are linked to a long life as well. My favorite is blueberries, I have a bowl of them every day.
    Does Traverse Bay Farms have other products other than blueberries, tart cherries, and pomegranates?

    1. Thanks for the comment Ed! Yes you will have to check out their website. They have several supplements for several health issues you may have. I have started a couple of them but not long enough to see how well they will do. I know I will continue to use their dried fruits and juices, as they are very tasty and I feel a lot better, getting away from all the chips and candy bars I was eating!  THX again again! Best To You! Wayne

      Wayne Towns

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