why are people differentWhy are people different? Different personalities have been talked about and studied for many years. To answer this question, we need to get a little scientific and get into the study of Chronobiology. Chronobiology is the scientific term for what makes our body clocks tick. It answers the question of why are people living longer, why are people selfish, or why are people so shy? People being different should also give some insight on why governments and companies should stop trying to make everyone the same.

I was reading about this the other day, and it started to puzzle me a little. Specifically, what is this, and why would three earnest scientists want to study it. The three scientists from the U.S. Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young won the 2017 Nobel Prize for medicine for the unraveling of the molecular mechanisms that control our internal body clocks.

Chronopharmacology is in basic terms, the study of how a drug affects our biological systems, or how a particular drug affects our bodies. Chronobiology is the branch of biology concerned with natural physiological rhythms and other cyclical phenomena or our biological clocks. Thanks to these three scientists Chronopharmacology and Chronobiology have become a growing field of research.

My Body Clock

For this article, I would like to talk about Chronobiology. The studies done by these three men were done to find out why are people are different, no one is the same, and if you have lived very long, you very well know this. Governments all over the world have tried to make us all the same for many years. Large corporations have adopted the policy that all employees should be the same.

Logbook and hours of service regulations came into effect in the 1930s, and ever since then, trucking companies have tried to make us all the same. The hours of service regulations came about because drivers wanted it, and at that time they needed it because trucking companies were running their drivers into the ground. Instead of fixing it on their own, they got the government involved, and that was the first mistake.

We should all know by this time, that the government if not going to fix anything, they only end up making things worse. All we have to do is take a look at how things are going with the implementation of the ELD Mandate. Keep in mind, the government wants to control the trucking industry, much as they have done with the railroads.

Having more control over the industry is the main reason they are promoting self-driving trucks so much. Why do you think people like Elon Musk and the others, trying to perfect these technologies, are getting so much government money? The environmentalist donates large sums of money to candidates that support the self-driving truck technology under the guise of clean air. Their real purpose is to control the industry.

What the elitist in our society envision is a line of self-driving trucks traveling down the freeway going one speed, staying in one lane, staying out of every bodies way and not clogging up the pickle parks. Not making any noise and not creating any pollution!

why are people so shyChronobiology

Chronobiology is the study of biologic rhythms; it is the study of why we are different or what makes us different. There are some exciting things here, and I learned a lot about how people will never be the same. You may call it God-given or biological, but people will never be the same or act the same. Chronobiology comes through the ancient Greeks (Chronos, indicating “time”) it refers to the research of life. There are numerous scientific terms here, which I won’t bore you with, but what it comes down to, this is a study of organisms that are active during the day or night. Which bodies that make humans active at night or other people that want to sleep more than others.

All of us have these organisms, Diurnal, that describes bodies active through the day, Nocturnal, which details bodies alive in the night, and Crepuscular, which illustrate animals active at night. The point also is some have more of these organisms than others, and some have less, and this is the reasons people are different. These studies have been going on since the late 1950s, and in the 1970s numerous studies were done on research in biological rhythms with more emphasis on the human and medical issues. Recently it has become harder for a scientist to get funding for this kind of research. Maybe this is the reason our FMCSA did not consider this when implementing the ELD Mandate.

The typical person knows, just by working all their lives alongside other people, that we are all different. We don’t need a million dollar scientific review to tell us. It just puzzles me as to why large companies and governments don’t consider this when they implement policy or regulations. The trucking company that permits a driver the freedom to get the job done, his or her way, usually has the most productive drivers and they stay employed longer. Let corporations operate their companies the way they know precisely how to do business.

The GovernmentWhy are people selfish

For years now, governments all over the world have adopted policies that take away a persons’ opportunity to be different. In the United States, this is not how we started out. Our founding fathers created one of the greatest governments ever. Throughout our constitution and bill of rights are many references to people being individuals and having the freedom to make their choices in all aspects of their lives. They realized that everyone was different and all of us had many ideas about how to do things or how to get a job done. They knew the government could not succeed in making us all the same. For some reason, people have lost sight of this over the years.

Each person needs to look at history and read about countries that have tried the one shoe fits all approach to government. Take a look at any communist nation and see how the people live. No one is given the opportunity to excel. About everyone is expected to work for the government and any chance for advancement is left up to those in charge. All workers are supposed to do their jobs as assigned, no more or no less. Most everyone is held to a strict regiment as to times to work, vacation and any time off. This form of government is demoralizing, suppresses the view of a job well done, and presents a general disappointment of life in general.

Socialist nations are not that much different, although they are given more freedom, the reasons to excel are not there as well. A good example of Socialism would be France, where all workers are treated as one, no one can get fired from a job, and promotions come about due to favoritism or the person you know. Our government is beginning to work this way, and you can see how productive they are.

With all the studies and research that has been on how people are different, you would think that governments would see that people who are given the time, freedom and opportunity to do a job on their own, do the best jobs. These people are also the most satisfied with life and the most productive.

Characteristics Successful Companieswhy are people different

Survey after survey can tell you that the most successful companies tend to be the ones that allow their employees the freedom to do a job, companies that realize that every employee is not the same. More and more, successful businesses find that they will need to put their employees first – indeed not their customers. Once employee well-being is the number one concern, it is likely that workers will be pleased and happy workers convert into satisfied customers. Businesses can’t succeed without the challenging work and commitment of their employees. That being stated, it is vital that companies recognize that each employee is unique and grant them the freedom to do the jobs as they best see how.

You did not employ that driver so that you would monitor every last thing they do. You hired them because you sought an excellent driver who will get the job completed without a lot of oversight. The last thing you ought to be doing is micromanaging these people. Is it that crucial that they come back on duty precisely ten hours after their break? Maybe they have a little time to kill – drivers don’t want to be held to a strict schedule – that is why drivers are attracted to the trucking industry. A good driver wants to be left alone to do the job as he sees fit.

Drivers are employees that work remotely should be allowed to create their schedule. Being given the freedom to work on their own, get the job done as they see fit, has been found to boost engagement and driver satisfaction. As long as they perform their tasks well and fulfill their responsibilities and deadlines, does it make a difference when and how they get the job done?


trucking companyIn Closing

Trucking companies and drivers should be able to regulate their hours and how they work without any interference from the government. As long as the unions, the public, and insurance companies have anything to say about it, I don’t see that happening.

Too many people have been pushing for a way to make drivers run legal for a long time now, and with the implementation of the ELD Mandate, they have found a way. I think it is going to come down to a decision each driver is going to have to make. Do you want to stay in the Trucking Industry and make the best of it, or find some other employment?

I have been away from the industry for about four years now, and from talking to other drivers, I don’t see where a lot has changed since I left. Drivers are still talking about lot lizards, waiting for loads, arguing with dispatchers, being asked to run overweight and the DOT is still getting worse. About the only change is we have a lot better equipment now.

If you decide to stay in the industry, I think the pay, equipment, and benefits are going to get better. As self-driving trucks come into operation, your job will be mainly to see to it that the vehicle stays on the road and the route. Make sure it has plenty of fuel, or stop and charge it as needed.

Summary/Wealthy Affiliate

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  1. Fascinating science! I had never heard of Chronobiology before, but as you say, there are powers in industry and government who don’t want anyone to know.

    As to Wealthy Affiliate, I can testify that it is a very good place to build your own business in your own method. The community there is supportive and the training excellent.

    Thank you, Wayne, for educating everyone on these science breakthroughs.

    1. Thank You, Sheila, for your comments. Yes, that is the point I was trying to get across. The government and large companies try to lump us all together and make us work as one. You are never going change human nature, rather it is God-given or science people will always be different. If you get the time you might want to read one of my other blogs about government interference. https://atruckerlifestyle.com/if-its-broke-let-the-government-fix-it Thank again! Hope to talk soon

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